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Free Kentucky’s first ‘meme’

It’s not perfect, but it get’s the point across:

The point I’ve been trying to get across for so long…

If the troops were fighting for our freedom they’d all be here.

Don’t understand my bad attitude? Start here.

Trump and the Nature of Hate

Now, the reason I found these remarks from the president so interesting is that throughout his campaign seeking the presidency, his tone, along with his very words, were filled with hatred and venom toward the press and many other individuals and groups as well. At each of his rallies, he regularly pointed to where the media had gathered and cried out things like, “There’s the press standing over there. Don’t we just hate the media, they are such liars!” Then when the crowd would start getting riled up, and throwing things at the press, he cheered them on. More recently, he has taken to calling the press the enemy of the people using a tone of voice that is pretty far from flattery.

If any of you saw the last debate between him and Secretary Clinton, you will no doubt recall how he called her evil in a tone that mustered as much venom as anyone that I’ve personally seen. Since becoming president, at moments he has backed off some of his most hateful rhetoric, but more often he has regularly returned to it.

At the news conference I’ve been discussing, he stated, in what struck me as a hateful tone,

FK – I didn’t vote for Trump. Just to get that out of your little mind. He had no record to prove anything he was claiming he would do and still has a lot to prove. Hitlery of course was the most vile creature to ever seek the office.

The only way to ‘resolve a conflict’ with evil creatures that are working to enslave or destroy you is to destroy them.

The mainstream commie newswhores fully deserve all the ‘hate’ we can throw at them. They’ve been working relentlessly to destroy our Bill of Rights, our form of govt. and thus our country for multiple decades.

Trump isn’t going far enough. He needs to bring the troops home and clean out the commie enclaves on the east and commie coasts. Simple fact.

Go ahead and lie about or delete this. I’m used to it and will keep telling the truth until enough see the necessity of an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season. Is that ‘hateful’ enough for you???!!!!

Oh, and McCarthy was right. We need to restart what he was doing…

The killer bees of fake news

Trump as click bait, and other things…

Who deserves to vote?

Shots Fired at Ferguson Liquor Market after Fake News CNN Broadcasts Highly Edited Michael Brown CCTV Footage

Bombshell: O’Keefe Releases Undercover Footage Inside CNN

Trump Effect? Poll Shows CNN Brand Plummeting

The killer bees of fake news

The killer bees of fake news
Barry Bright – March 3, 2017

Several years back I ate in a small country restaurant in Western Kentucky near some spot-on-the-road town that had its 15 minutes, or paragraphs, of fame framed on the diner’s wall.

The story was from what passed as ‘fake news‘ in those days, at least in the mind of the average sheeple, one of those checkout line tabloids that regularly broke stories about three-headed alien babies visiting the White House.

Allegedly there had been an attack by ‘killer bees‘ in the area, and some people really were stung by honey bees or hornets, I forget, but it wasn’t the big deal the ‘reporters’ had made it out to be.

People actually bought those papers or they wouldn’t have been printed. Sheeple actually believe a lot of garbage or it wouldn’t be produced, sometimes for centuries, or spewed from the mouths of educators, preachers, entertainers, newswhores or politicians.

That stinging story did the same thing all propaganda does in mixing fact and reality. As in there really is a UFO phenomena that most don’t want to think or talk about because it makes them uncomfortable, and for years before the internet politicians would regularly run campaigns based on nothing more than ‘change’ or lower taxes or ‘helping the poor’ or some other simple-minded goobledygook.

Politicians got away with their subterfuge because the average voter, then as now, would rather die than think or take on real personal responsibility for the world they exist in. They often just want to vote for “…the man that’ll “do somethin’ fer me.

We have a representative republic here, not a democracy, which means we elect supposedly superior, educated, thinking, logical, talented, honest, experienced, successful members of our insane human cultures to make important decisions for us. Take all that with a buck-fifty to the truck stop and they’ll give you a cup of coffee.

This means it’s incumbent on the rest of us to pay attention to what these elected public SERVANTS are doing for and to us and to hold them accountable. This is why I’ve maintained for some while now we need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building and a local militia force to make sure it doesn’t fall into disuse.

But back to the newswhores. While working as one back in the 80s I saw that a lot of garbage is produced in the name of meeting deadlines and justifying paychecks. Now we have an internet full of it and an unsuspecting public armed with brand new smart phones that are not only introducing them to the very useful global encyclopedia that is the internet but all the shiny baubles and dark corners that come with it, or rather that come with real freedom and Liberty.

Back in the 90s the net was mostly patriots or at least it was to me. It was the only place to go for ‘real’ not commie or globalist, now ‘fake’ news.

Actually it’s laughable that the mainstream newswhores tried to label us as fake. But that’s a discussion for several books. I explained my reasons for this website several years back, in my early stages of waking up.

We’ve had the internet for 20 years now so in reality there’s simply no excuse for the willful ignorance I see around me every day. But the smart phone phenomena is stressing how many had never owned personal computers or how many have gone on line over time and been exposed to realities they didn’t want to deal with so they shut their computers off and went back to reality TV or sports or soaps or church or whatever their favorite brain-numbing garbage was/is.

Now that smart phones are part of most sheeples’ daily reality they’re also on the social sites or whatever and sometimes seeing bits of information their little brains repel from because it doesn’t mesh with what they’ve been spoonfed all their existences at home, in school or Sunday school or on the evening propaganda cast.

Part of this as I’ve experienced recently is the habit many have, developed along with the skill of texting, of reading a headline and emotionally reacting to it, leaving a nasty response, or an emoje or whatever, without bothering to actually follow a link and turn their inner brains on long enough to actually analyze what someone is desperately trying to get them to understand and share.

My mistake is in assuming that I’m dealing with intelligent adults on fakebook and other places that realize a header might not represent all the info contained therein.


And we let them vote.

Back to the ‘fake’ news. How to tell if a news site is ‘fake’:

Since propaganda, and it’s ‘all’ propaganda, without exception, is a mixture of ‘truth,’ or ‘facts’ and reality, what exactly is fake? This is another subject we could spend years and countless nights around campfires maybe pointlessly arguing over.

Let’s just go ahead and realize that the globalists and the commies and Marxist front groups they fund are and have been working covertly and overtly to enslave us all for decades, really centuries. Those who claim they want to return us to some sort of global plantation, if we’re not already there, are not far off the mark.

In fact, as I’ve written before, we are there.

With these realities in mind, a short guide to how to judge ‘fake’ news:

In journalism school we’re taught that a good reporter looks for the ‘who, what, why, when, where and how.’ Later on with experience a reporter learns to look for the funding and to develop an inline lie detector because most interviewees will be lying about something, either directly or indirectly.

All the ‘isms’ ignore those aspects of human nature/behavior they find inconvenient.

If a story doesn’t have a good representation of some the above w’s and an h or two that’s a bad sign. The net nowadays is full of he/said she/reported and so and so’s cousin, employer, political or religious savior or whatever claims this or that. Sort of like how it’s always been but now the average mush head is much more exposed to it than they were in the check out line.

In the last year or so there’s been almost an explosion(one of those dramatic words we writers like to use) of ‘conservative'(loosely defined) or patriot or whatever ‘fake news’ sites. Beforeitsnews comes to mind. Go study their ‘style.’ That’s what I’m writing about.

Then go read something on the new yawk slimes. That’s the opposite end of the spectrum. Their ‘journalistic style’ may be impeccable but they’re still lying garbage that should’ve been lined up against the wall or walked up the gallows steps long ago.

See how hard and easy this can be?

A professor in college told us to not be afraid to ‘read along the fringe.’ I have no clue if he’d think I stepped off the fringe into free space long ago or not. I wouldn’t know/understand/still wonder about what I do now if I hadn’t. But one still has to use some form of judgment.

Now for the easy part: Just because you’ve always been told something is/isn’t true doesn’t mean it is/isn’t.

Just because a headline or article seems to ‘attack’ your newest or oldest object of worship doesn’t mean it really does or isn’t doing what all ‘real journalism’ should be doing: not letting anyone, or any institution, or group or government or ideology off easy.

In a free country there’s no such thing as a group or an individual whose motives can’t be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem. In fact we have several.

Human history is a story of climbing out of a well of darkness where some think they were told they deserved to be tortured alive in fire forever for choosing independent thought over blind obedience. Sadly many are still there and will waste their time in this world waiting for it to end. And we let them vote.

Others blindly put their blind faith and blind patriotism into Earthly or otherwise saviors who are no more deserving of it than any god.

Climbing out of the well involves clinging to all sides when the occasion demands. Sometimes there are poisonous snakes on one side and killer bees on the other and there’s always casualties.

And as the ancient book of tribal propaganda claims, I think in this case very truthfully, “They shall cry ‘peace’ and safety,” and there will be none.

We’re better off demanding Liberty, and justice for those who think they can make a living lying the rest of us into their version of slavery.


We have become the product, and thus the news:

FK – Schmidt worked to get hitlery elected. It should be hung the same day, on the same scaffold.

We’ve all been turned into mental goldfish so we can focus on the clickbait?

I’ve certainly become more picky about what I call a ‘friend.’ Most ‘friends’ end up expecting me to be like them and sadly most of the time there’s little to nothing about their existence in this world that I envy. Here in the suburbs of podunk finding someone who can have more than a 30 second conversation about something that actually matters is a lifelong quest in itself. The cities aren’t much better in reality. The average sheeple would rather die than think.

The net is a tool like any other that can be used for good or ill. The mistake is that we as the common sheeple allow evil players into our systems and our elected public servants assist them in their evil in the name of false security.

Let me know when I can have my own stand alone holodeck.


How long till we’re all sitting on the curb?:

FK – Anti-war left dead as a dodo? Really? WTF planet are you on?

Wanna bet Soros or whatever rich sick globalist bastard succeeds him will have commie robots on the streets carrying signs and demanding ‘just-us?’

Those without the intelligence or skill sets to run the robots can return to the land and garden for a subsistence. Just ask the Venus project or whatever. Of course they also want to bulldoze all the major cities! :0

What about those who watch NWNW on their TVs? They can be hooked up to computers and thus the net now ya know. I’m watching this and other YouTube propaganda on a 24″ monitor which at one time was a ‘big’ TV.


And I’ll admit I did forward this on fakebook. Even if he didn’t say it, it’s easy to imagine him or his former ‘friends‘ doing so. And the sad truth is it’s not far off the mark.

Violence is necessary in Trump era according to Clinton voter

FK – Did you put up a sign asking for idiots and give a moron test before this interview?

Like I been writin’:

Who deserves to vote?

Wayne LaPierre | NRA: Donald Trump’s Strongest Ally

FK – We need to restore American liberty Wayne and that will mean eradicating lots of amerikans. Simple sad fact.

Trump’s ‘make amerika great again’ is yet to be seen or defined. Likely he’ll throw a few bones to all the sides involved and at best be stymied by a republicrat congress that did nothing during the Dubya years to restore our republic or our Liberty.

Let’s hope he’s not a political game player like the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group.

We need to work with groups like Gun Owners of America and other true grassroots organizations that are the tip of the spear and who aren’t just standing back with their political finger testing the wind and recommending bad candidates as the NRA has a multi-decade history of doing.

We have a long way to go

My standard answer to such all through this:

Let’s make amerika free again!

Are we ready for the outcome of voting for the lesser of two evils, and eventually getting more evil than we can handle?

Is there a militia force in your county yet? Why not? Are you afraid of the ‘m’ word that’s in the Second Amendment?

The patriot newbie guidebook

The Bill of Rights is what we’re fighting for.

Who’s our greatest enemy? Those who build the Trojan Horse or those who open the gate?

Nothing will get better until we stop worrying so much about the fundie ragheads and start rounding up and at the least deporting our real enemies, our domestic enemies.

So who or what is our real enemy? A tiny no. of fundies who manage to kill a few mush heads now and again or our own white home-grown “Liberal”(commie) trash that works relentlessly to disarm and thus fully enslave millions?

What will we do when a commie SCOTUS rules it’s OK for the “Liberal”(commie) trash, our real enemies, to demand we ‘turn them in?’ How many cowards will comply? Those are the questions that matter.

What’s an ‘illegal gun?’ Those two words are nowhere to be found in the Second Amendment. A right applied for is a privilege.

Was the last ‘mass shooting’ site a ‘gun free zone?” Why are commiefornia and others still ‘may issue’ states? Why do we seek ‘permission’ to exercise the most basic right any creature possesses, that of self defense?

If the Marxist mutt and other commie extremists that call themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ tell us to surrender our weapons and thus our most basic right, they’ll find out what blood really is.

The most important ‘private property’ anyone owns is their own life, health, safety, and no one, anywhere, anytime has the ‘right’ to take that from them or deny them their most basic right, that of self defense.

We all get the elected public servants the brain dead sheeple deserve.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

Don’t understand my bad attitude? Start here.

Governments will always be able to get guns so we must always be better armed than them.

Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.

Rules for the militia

What to teach your kids

What to teach your kids
Barry Bright
Dec. 23 – 25 , 2016

This is written in the recognition that this country is full of 40-year olds that are incapable of making a logical rational decision, proven once again by the recent quadrennial quest for the idiot vote during which our voters chose between a vile globalist Marxist witch and a demagogue with no record to back up anything it spewed out of its mouth.

Also my local Kentucky legislators, republicrats both, will be holding a public meeting on the future of Kentucky education this week in the county seat. The state Rep., ‘Bam’ Carney is according to the Kentucky Tea Party anything but ‘conservative’ in his fiscal voting record and the State Senator Max Wise has written ‘guest editorials’ in the local rag discussing among other inanities how he’s going to be conducting ‘citizenship talks’ or some such at local schools and telling innocent children how to function in their democracy.’

Sigh. After all these years, they’re telling the same old lies, and it’s the republicrats doing it, not the demonscat. We have a long way to go.

Education is very important, especially since we allow the victims of our government indoctrination centers(schools and universities) to vote. Our modern schools were founded, created and are constantly being ‘reformed’ by socialists/collectivists of one stripe or another. Why?

And some teachers still have their daily victims recite a pledge to a piece of cloth, a pledge written by a ‘socialist preacher,’ an oxymoron if there ever was one.

First a disclaimer for the simple-minded to brain dead among us: Obviously this is the end result of what any child(future adult) should know by the time they are of ‘legal age,’ not necessarily what one would teach to little kids before they’re ready:

  1. The world is not what they teach you in school or in Sunday school.
  1. Self defense is the most basic right any creature possesses, thus one must be ready, willing and able to shoot or use other ‘martial arts to kill those who would enslave us or in our case enslave us further. Dealing with common criminals is a fringe benefit of this natural born right, as government criminals are always far more dangerous.
  1. Lying is wrong unless it’s an act of war and even then should be used very judiciously. Politicians who are using it as an act of war against human liberty should be tried and executed for it.
  1. Almost everything we do in this world is an act of war. There are no ‘safe places’ in this dangerous world. We daily ride thousands of miles an hour through space on a water-soaked fire-spitting rock populated by billions who think it’s perfectly OK that their god, that’s ‘their’ god, is going to burn billions alive in fire forever, including babies and little kids. There are less dangerous places, but certainly no safe places. Just ask Elizabeth Smart.
  1. Love thy neighbor and treat them as you’d prefer to be treated but realize your neighbor may be very willing to slit your throat when hungry enough and very willing to vote you into slavery because they don’t mind being a slave themselves to one form of authoritarianism or another.
  1. Again, we are at war and it’s ‘all’ propaganda. Propaganda was once simply lies, then truth and lies mixed, then truth told as a lie to achieve some goal, and now in the internet age it’s like that pink goo they make into mcnuggets or whatever.
  1. Help them gain a real understanding of the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights of the state they live in and the fact that those documents are based in the most basic right we possess, the right to fight back against and kill if necessary those who would enslave or in our case enslave us further. Place large readable copies of both documents with historically accurate, not “Liberal”(commie) trash politically corrected versions, explanations next to them on the walls of all government schools so that kids learn the govt. is always their greatest enemy.
  1. There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ to work covertly or overtly to enslave those around you.
  1. Voting is a privilege for those who earn it through long education and consideration not a ‘right’ for morons who only vote so they can get a check, a job or some other benefit or to make a slave state ‘great’ again(whatever that really means).
  1. How to hunt, try for treason and execute politicians or any elected, hired or appointed public servants that break their oaths to uphold our national or state Bills of Rights.

11.(parts A through whatever) – Teach little kids to swim on a planet that is 70 percent water.

– How to keep physically fit and not eat like a pig all the time for the benefit of one’s health and personal dignity.

– How to read books besides whatever ancient tribal propaganda your culture pretends to value and it usually is pretension.

– How to start a fire.

– How to steal when necessary from those who have made themselves your enemies.

– How to ‘work’ for a living while not tolerating being treated like a jackass.

– How to scavenge.

– How to trade.

– How to fix, repair, and use common tools.

– How to deal honestly with those who deserve such.

– How to respect those who have earned it.

– How to deal with those who don’t by hunting “Liberal”(commie) trash to extinction when enough finally see the necessity of doing so.

– How to lobby their legislatures and congress.

– How to think when others are telling you ‘what’ to think.

– How to disagree without violence except when dealing with “Liberal”(commie) trash that has long used its false civility and false pacifism to deceive us all while being very willing to send their black-suited Nazis to shove their evil down our throats at the point of a govt. gun.

– How to dress decently without wasting time or money on mindless convention.

– How to not be such a goody-two shoes that you can’t stand to hear/read an occasional ‘dirty word’ used for emphasis or in comedy or an occasional dirty joke.

– How not to irritate those around you by cursing constantly and constantly telling off color jokes.

– How to deal with/treat those we claim to care about.

– How to prevent unwanted children from being born, as in ‘the choice is made when the chance is taken.’

– How to enjoy sexual activity with our partner of choice without coercion, deception, force, political correctness, unsafe/unhealthy activities, shame, guilt, fear of eternal punishment by a sadistic god that was created to help keep the slaves working or to keep the tribe from descending into chaos or an unmanageable horde of lazy apathetic cowardly victims who are ripe for invasion or enslavement from within, kinda like us….

That’s the short list. But you get the idea. Feel free to add those that truly apply to keeping this a truly free country.

I’ve long held that over-protecting or spoiling a child is a form of neglect, or child abuse. Our schools and many to most parents are raising children to be children instead of adults. The governments and corporations and other control groups love and want this.

A real human adult is not just another herd animal that grazes and breeds and makes car and mortgage payments and saves for ‘retirement,’ a time when they’re too old and decrepit to enjoy the money they earned.

A real human does not tolerate being treated like a jackass by his/her governments or employers and takes on personal responsibility for the world they exist in rather than sitting on their asses waiting for it to end which involves all the above mentioned items and many more.

The human condition is not generally improved by those who waste their time in this world waiting for it to end. It is improved by those who look to a brighter future under human Liberty and work to achieve it.

Some more disclaimers for the benefit of the simple-minded to brain dead:

Our domestic blood enemies have no problem lying to or stealing from us all. Try reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and ‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli. If the real white-skinned enemies of western civilization couldn’t lie they wouldn’t need oxygen. Deception is the first rule of war. If you think we’re supposed to be living in a free country they are waging war on you. They’re not your friends.’

Because there are tool-using monkeys that will never make any real effort to educate their offspring we will probably always need government schools or some kind of ‘public education,’ so we must be sure all young adults have an adult understanding of the above so they don’t vote for demagogues that they think will wave a magic wand and solve all their problems for them.

We should be free to educate children in Liberty, not indoctrinate them in one form of authoritarianism or another but we should not neglect those imprisoned in ‘public’ institutions for they are future voters.

Teenagers should be given the option of going to high school or taking vocational training or working a ‘job'(just over broke) for a while until they are(maybe) mature enough(capable of abstract thought) to understand the importance of real education, not the socialist/corporate indoctrination that now passes for ‘education’ that is always undergoing one reform or another.

High schools should be open to those who want to return, up to 21 years of age. Adult classes should also be available. Upon receipt of a diploma, that actually means something, they should be able/required to take a voter test to prove they have a proper understanding of the kind of government we’re supposed to have here and an understanding of our real history, warts and all, not anyone’s PC version.

Of course there would be fraud in such a system, just as our collection of sovereign nation states have a 200-year history of voter fraud. The strictest penalties possible should be applied to those engaging in such, up to and including death for voting is the most violent act anyone can participate in.


It all seems so ‘unreal’:

FK – Well that’s funny. The ‘unreal’ governments around me are consistently stealing money out of my paycheck every week. If I made a lot of money and didn’t ‘voluntarily’ share it with the demonscat and republicrats they’d send their black suited Nazis to steal my property and murder me if I fought back. Funny thing. Real funny, unreal thing.

‘Private judgement’ is what brought that about. They have no problem forcing their ‘private judgement’ on their neighbors at the point of a gun.

Mainstream religion(christianity in this country) works hand in hand with them by telling their brain dead cowardly flocks ‘obey the magistrates appointed over you’ because what they do is ‘god’s will’ because those in power are there because it’s ‘god’s will.’ Those disobedient to this face eternal torture, mentioned multiple times in the ancient tribal propaganda. I’d say that’s ‘force’ that far surpasses a gun the face, at least to most of the sheeple. Nice neat little package huh?

Meanwhile every generation of ‘believers’ is told “You’re gonna get beamed up soon so you don’t have to worry about any of this worldly stuff,” which meshes perfectly with the average sheeple’s apathy. Meanwhile their children are born and die as one version of slaves or another, just as it’s always been. Funny thing that.

Until all children are taught they are the masters, as adults, of their governments, and control their own minds, tyranny of one kind or another will march on. Here in this country we are supposed to be Caesar.

Reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to see at the machine gun shoot: “The only reason some people aren’t dead is it’s illegal to kill them.”


What do the elites teach their kids?:

And what do the elites think of us?:

FK – The most important thing to understand is that ‘they’ consider us to be livestock. We must judge all their actions by that fact.

Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with ‘Mental Disabilities’

FK– The mission is to condition the brain dead sheeple to this tech.

GUN GRIPES #122: “Post 2016 Election Thoughts…”

FK – There’ll be no gloating on my part until the laws are passed or repealed and the necks are stretched.

Regardless of what Trump proves to be we can NEVER blindly trust what they say during a campaign.

If you think the Marxist mutt or hitlery or their supporters or real masters ‘respect’ you then you’re political children. The most important thing to understand is that they consider us to be livestock and all their actions must be judged by this reality.

Oh good lord have mercy. THEY’RE ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The words ‘illegal gun’ aren’t in the Second Amendment!!!!!!!

“Common sense?” Why the hell are you now sounding like our domestic blood enemies that know full well the evil they are doing by seeking to disarm the common sheeple????

It’s private property. Maybe you should look up what the ‘the left,’ the commies, and their hero Karl Marx think about that.

Trump may very well be a faker who was put in to keep any ‘real’ conservatives out. Maybe that’s why the CFR witch has so far said so little about its loss. There’s no guarantee Trump will be any better than Dubya or any other republicrat. And I haven’t ‘respected the office’ nor the prez in it since before Bush the first. They don’t deserve any respect!!!!!

We need to get more morons fully awake and educated and get them burning congress’s phone lines up and getting them ready for what will be required. I knew what the snake flag meant before the tea party was cool.

WE NEED TO MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN!!!! There is no greatness without Liberty. The Bill of Rights is what makes us exceptional.

If Patton had held his tongue they might not have killed him which means Trump better have some good security, if he’s actually sincere.

You two still have a helluva lot to learn about the situation you’re in. Every time the ‘folks‘ that don’t like guns vote they vote to kill you, whether they’re smart enough to know that or not.

My standard answer to this kind of idiocy:

The ‘crime’ issue is a red herring. Even if ‘gun control’ could be proven to lower crime it would still be evil.

All ‘gun control’ is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to more ‘control’ until full civilian disarmament is achieved. Thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against Human Liberty and executed.

When guns are outlawed “Liberal”(commie) trash season begins. The newswhores die first.

The patriot newbie guidebook

Will we be saved by a miraculous troglodyte?

Meanwhile on other fronts:

FK – So there are no conspiracies are there and every prez we elect means every bit of tripe that spills out of its upper sewer…?

We’ll see won’t we?

Only a child thinks anything a prez candidate says during the quest for the idiot vote means anything. What they say during a campaign means nothing. Their records and affiliations, past and present, are all that matter.

Questions for your candidate

Who deserves to vote?

This Is Why America Will Get the President it Deserves

FKWho deserves to vote?

Who deserves to vote?

Who deserves to vote?
Barry Bright
Nov. 6-7, 2016

This cycle of the quest for the idiot vote has convinced me that never in human history has there been such an assemblage of morons and conscienceless whores than we have in this country.

For the last several months they’ve been cheering on their saviors in the name of not only ‘my team’ and to ‘keep the other guy out’ but as always hoping for the wave of a magic wand to solve all their problems, real and imagined.

Hey, it beats taking on personal responsibility for the world one exists in.

We’ve had the internet for 20 years. There’s no excuse any more for the willful ignorance I see proudly displayed all around me.

In between the four year quest for the idiot vote most of them, if their team won last time, go back to the fishin’ hole, or the golf course or the welfare line or the drug dealer or the liquor store or their favorite internet porn site or tv preacher and pretend it’s all gonna be OK.

The losers in the last national dog and pony show spend four or 8 years bitchin’ and moanin’ and pretending to do something while they claim the prez in power is taking us all to the brink of destruction. Well, this they’re usually right about.

For those who’ve noticed we have two demagogues vying for the now red house it’s a true nail biter, not about which liar will win but about how unprepared we all are for finally getting the result of decades of always voting for the lesser of two evils: more evil than we can handle.

If this were a nation of men and it ceased to be some time ago, maybe the 1870s or so, just after the American military fought its last war over liberty and the bad guys won, hitlery and its husband of convenience would’ve been executed for treason decades ago.

In reality hitlery could rip a suckling babe from its mother’s arms, slit its throat and eat its liver on national weaponvison and still get millions of votes.

That’s the real state of the nation but it won’t be mentioned next January regardless of which liar wins.

To be fair if that’s possible in this reality Trump could actually mean some of the things he’s said, which is scary enough considering that fences work both ways, and that the klintons could really be his ‘friends’ and he could still be in favor of ‘reasonable gun control’ or whatever they’re calling it now.

He’s to my knowledge never done anything, never contributed to any liberty organization, before he started his campaign, in the name of proving anything he’s claimed to believe in over the last year or so.

Did he even join the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group a few months before the election cycle as has always been such a popular thing for candidates of all stripes to do in the past so they could at least claim guilt by association?

Hitlery has openly proclaimed it wants ‘Australian style gun control.’ Let’s be clear. The Australian government ran ads in their propaganda rags stating that ‘Self defense is no reason to own a gun.’

What other reason is there? Even if only used for hunting animals is staving off starvation not self defense?

The evil “Liberal”(commie) trash of Australia should’ve been hunted to extinction immediately upon making such an audacious claim. But instead the Aussies sheepishly surrendered or buried their Liberty teeth, semi-automatics of all kinds if memory serves.

Their crime rate went up but that doesn’t matter. The crime issue is a red herring. As always ‘gun control’ is about conditioning the common sheeple to accept more ‘control’ until they are finally rendered too pacified, helpless and unarmed to fight back against the trash they should’ve been killing long before. The Aussies and Brits and most Europeans are willing socialist slaves now and fully deserve what ever is done to them.

Of course America’s Second Amendment isn’t about hunting food unless one is a cannibal. It’s about hunting evil men and evil women, or whatever they deem themselves to be in today’s insane world.

Our Bill of Rights, of which the Second Amendment is a part, is about the most basic right any creature possesses: self defense from those who would enslave us or in our case enslave us further or even consume us.

If we had the nation we should have and the men we should have and the voters we should have hitlery would’ve already been dragged screaming from some podium then dragged by its heels down whatever steps are outside at such a speed that its head makes little popping sounds as it is taken toward whatever’s nearby that would serve as a good hanging tree.

It would get a speedy treason trial of course: “You, CFR witch, at some point have taken an oath to uphold the Bill of Rights and by your publicly expressed desire to disarm the common people of this country you have committed treason and an act of war against them.” Bang goes the gavel, around its neck the rope goes and up it goes, kicking and spitting and turning blue.

The fact that so many are too stupid to understand the necessity of such proves how successful our greatest enemies have been in their propaganda campaigns and in controlling what is taught in the government schools, universities, churches and on the evening propaganda casts and in the propaganda rags of the major cities and even small towns.

Will Trump ‘save’ us for a while longer, staving off the inevitable by maybe appointing a couple or more ‘conservative(very loosely defined) or even libertarian black robed-shysters to the SCOTUS? We have no proof at all he will.

If he doesn’t what then?

If hitlery ‘wins’ by hook or by crook or even the votes of millions of morons what then?

Are we ready?

Of course not.

We tried to build the militias in the 90s, when many of us were convinced we would be in civil war by the year 2000, or as a bumper sticker of the era read: “By the year 2000 we’ll be hunting Liberals with dogs.”

We should have been. We should be now. We should’ve kept our troops home from Korea and Vietnam and had them kill the commies here first.

We are now reaping the harvest of failing to recognize our real enemies don’t have brown skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. Our failure to hunt the evil white-skinned creatures to extinction is why our nation and Liberty is dying.

Well “Who are YOU gonna vote for?” some moron will ask. I ‘voted early’ as it’s called now, the absentee ballot apparently having undergone some form of shaming ritual.

The only reason I bothered was so I could cast a vote for Rand Paul, who will do us more good in the Senate than he probably ever could in the non-magical now red house, and for James Comer for the House of Representatives.

Comer has at least proven he’s willing to listen to the ‘fringe’ by attending several Take Back Kentucky meetings and by working to do things many ‘conservatives’ were too cowardly to do.

When it came to vote for my local republicrat member of the Kentucky House I wrote in Waypast Hadenough as I had for the prez race.

Who is ‘Waypast Hadenough’ some morons might ask? That’s my YouTube handle. And I ‘had enough’ a couple decades ago. But that’s too long and depressing a story to go into here.

I once expected Waypast Hadenough to get maybe 3 write in votes or so but I haven’t had time to train my dogs to read and write.

Posing for that drivers’ license thing is out of the question. They don’t even have dog licenses.

We had been working on little outfits for them but getting them to speak Spanish, ghetto slang or redneck white trash proved to be too much of a challenge.

Dressing as “Liberal”(commie) trash would be out of the question for them. They wouldn’t want to imitate what they push out of their rear ends. They do have more dignity than that.

On this issue and the title of this column which has turned into a pamphlet we’ll now ask: Well, who should be voting?

Not most of the morons who are apparently.

I’ve laid out in an earlier column what I thought would be required as a starting point to get our nation of not-so-free humans back on track but have lately become convinced it will take much more than that.

That’s of course after we do what will be required.

If human Liberty has any future in this world we must raise, educate, indoctrinate, each generation of self-replicating biological robots to care about their own Liberty and to be mentally and physically ready at the drop of a hat to kill whomever or whatever challenges it.

Don’t like that? We’ll you’re obviously one of the morons that doesn’t need to vote, ever.

Let’s be clear about a couple definitions: Self-proclaimed pacifists cannot vote as voting is the most violent act anyone can participate in.

‘Conservatives’ who’re too cowardly to openly say what must be done to our domestic blood enemies or to even admit publicly we might use the Second Amendment as it was written to be used are cowardly hypocrites at best. I won’t say what they are at worst. I’m trying to keep this as family friendly as possible for the simple minded among us.

Since government is by definition force, and it can’t be anything but that, voting is electing someone to hire someone to stick a gun in your neighbor’s face and force your version, sub-version or subversion of reality on them.

A cursory study of our history shows how determined we often are to do that.

Despite the propaganda some of us were raised on the reality of this election is that money trumps Liberty. I feel safe in saying that many to most of those supporting Trump are doing so for financial reasons. Which isn’t always bad.

As always the mush heads voting for the CFR witch think they’re gonna get a check, a job, or get their false consciences soothed. A few actually realize how evil they are and don’t care.

Amerika has always been about making a buck. The numbers who came over here for ‘religious liberty,’ an oxymoron if there ever was one, or plain old Liberty were small in comparison to those who came over here to get rich or richer or just to survive outside of a system that no longer gave them any chance at all, if it ever did.

Our property rights, so often attacked by our domestic blood enemies, stem from the European culture that taught every man’s home is his castle, whether it really was or not, and the desire of the poor and the former indentured servants and slaves to carve out their own piece of land they had conquered from native Americans, or Indians as we once called them.

That’s what happened. Our ancestors conquered this continent, at one time or another and I include the aboriginal blood that runs in my veins in that though I’ve never lain awake at night worrying about it either way.

That’s what the human species is, besides someone’s biological robots, nomads and conquerors, though I do often tell people the reason for our present situation is that the submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time.

But make no mistake, the settlers who came after the pioneers who actually fought the Indians drew their food and water from the same blood soaked ground we do and some day someone or some thing or maybe some beings we don’t yet know about will take it from us.

That’s how it works. Lying about it doesn’t change it. Wasting one’s time in this world waiting to get beamed up or working for ‘peace in our time’ won’t likely change it.

To the point: If you’re not willing to ‘serve’ and I use that word sparingly, the Bill of Rights, which again is what makes us exceptional in all the world, and human Liberty, you have no business voting.

If you vote for a check or a job or benefit of some sort you have no business voting. And we won’t go too deeply into the fact that the corporations would enslave us just as deeply as the commies if they could get away with it. It should be obvious to anyone who can see Amerikan corporations didn’t move their factories out of this country after NAFTA was passed because they felt sorry for the peasants in Latin America or Asia.

They were looking for desperate workers that would be willing to say or do anything to get or keep a job, show up on time, do what they’re told and never ask inappropriate questions. If it’s not OK for our governments to treat us like jackasses then it’s not OK for our employers to do so. They don’t call us ‘human resources’ because they respect us as human beings.

By ‘serving’ the Bill of Rights, which was insisted upon by a portion of the Founders who feared the constitution so many like to brag about, I mean learning military or ‘martial’ arts from an early age and spending some time as a young adult in the application of those arts.

In short those who aren’t willing to wield the weapons they would stick in their neighbors’ faces have no business hiring someone else to do it for them.

Those so physically disabled they can’t even hold up a pistol and fire it could be given other jobs but they would not be exempt from the mental training that would seek to wipe the cancer of false pacifism from our electorate.

Would the smarter evil ones still seek other ways to force their garbage on all of us? Of course. It’s their nature. That’s why we need laws to make sure if they lie their way into power they aren’t allowed to exercise that power. See my recommendations for the CFR witch above.

This would be a better country if every teenager had to clean a few toilets, mop a few floors and learn how to kill an enemy at 300 meters or 3 inches.

Love is a wonderful thing if it’s returned. The reality is there are those who will fake it to get what they want. Many teenage girls learn this too late. But their batting average is better than the average voter’s. Most of them never figure it out. They’re whores for life.

Doing unto others as one would have done unto oneself is a great thing also, unless one is dealing with morons that have no problem being slaves and thus have no problem voting for everyone around them to be just as enslaved as they are.

And since this is supposed to be a ‘free country’ those who don’t like being really free are free to leave. In fact I recommend it.

In fact I ain’t askin’.

10 Rules for the voting booth

Stages of political awareness….


How many ‘get it?’:

FK – I’m ready for the willful ignorance to be over.

Is this the real reason?:

FK – This nation is ripe for invasion or falling from within, whichever comes first. The morons in the middle that actually think they have a vote in the prez race won’t even see it coming until it’s too late.

Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.

It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.
If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.
What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?

Many are still waking up:

FK – I’m happy you’re calling the ‘progressives’ what they are but less happy you’re encouraging the sheeple to fall back on the ancient tribal propaganda rather than learn to lean on themselves and each other and get ready to do what will be required.

Some likely never will wake up:

FK – Maybe I missed it but do you still not realize that Sanders is probably a faker just like Trump? Only difference between them is Sanders has a real record of being a commie. Trump only has his past comments claiming the klintons as ‘friends’ and being in favor of gun control.

The CFR witch and its husband of convenience should’ve been tried and executed for treason decades ago, along with Sanders.

This whole ‘dog and pony show’ which the prez race, the 4 year quest for the idiot vote, always is, is probably designed to deflate the patriot movement and your commie revolution and keep us all sliding towards hell on Earth.

FK – So what’s the real reason for funding these proxy wars with these fake actors? Who or what is directing the Saudis to do this? Our real enemies are here and they have white skin and were likely born here.

“This Quickly Escalates Into Open Warfare” – Why The Government Is Preparing For Post-Election Chaos

But don’t be swayed in the wrong direction:

FK – What happened to the ‘October surprise?’ Back in the 90s the common refrain was “This October the tanks are gonna roll.”

We must learn to discern between propaganda designed to dissuade or delude or frighten and propaganda designed to enlighten, encourage and inform and prepare us for what will be required.

We need to leave voting up to those who have a clue and actually give a damn:

GOA: We Cannot Afford to Stand By