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What Every Girl Needs To Hear

FK – The truth is that you’re still making generalizations and leaving out a lot of ‘truth’ most sheeple and people don’t want to speak of.

I once had a Saudi solider show with his hands, his finger snugly inserted into the fingers of his other hand, why he wanted to know if I had a 16-year-old cousin I could sell him. I felt he was serious.

Our biology stems from the cellular need to reproduce that evolved in some pool or jungle where larger cells struggled to eat our ancestors before they could divide or where the strongest primate had the biggest harem.

Once another male actually told me, in so many words, it was OK for him to have multiple partners but his partners damn well better not. But a lot of men don’t want to put up with the amount of bullshit necessary to deal with such a situation. I never had that kind of patience.

It amazes me to some degree that we still don’t seem to be able to talk properly about ‘sex’ decades after the so-called ‘sexual revolution,’ Every generation of teens seems to go through the same thing. They’re biologically primed for something their parents and societies are usually in denial of and thus they aren’t taught how to make love without all the bullshit. From one set of nuts they get ‘abstinence’ and now from another set of nuts they’re told it’s ‘normal’ to have two mommies or two daddies.

We went from no sex ed decades ago to something a little better than a sterile form of biology class in my day to the current insanity of multiple fluid genders in any one being at any given time. It used to be that guilt only came from either doing it or not doing it well enough. Now it’s from not being accepting of whatever insanity comes along next.

My grandmother who was raised in the horse and buggy days tried to instill in me the biblical injunction to marry a ‘helpmeet,’ someone to cook and clean and pop out babies while I went off to the factory as my parents did to earn a check and pay for the trailer. You can damn well bet I wouldn’t have grown richer doing that. But then I’ve never understood why the working poor want to reproduce anyway.

You’re a very attractive intelligent young woman. Perhaps you can argue you were born rich. Many can’t and be honest with themselves, that may be why a lot of them find it easier to sit on the couch and comfort themselves with chips and soda or whatever or harder more dangerous substances.

Men usually have to choose between ‘settling’ for someone who may or may not be a good ‘helpmeet’ or maybe being one of the lucky few who are smart or disciplined or driven or dishonest or whatever enough to make a lot of money while still young and then be lucky enough not to marry a gold digger who may physically represent his dreams but otherwise be a nightmare in the bedroom and the courtroom.

Chasing that younger woman thing as part of some middle age crisis often does cause the first wife to end up rich.

Those young would-be studs who try to act like that early primate with his harem have to remember that in modern society 30 seconds of pleasure can earn him 25 years of child support court.

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war or ‘Waking up is hard to do’

The purposes of gods and golden rules

Barry Bright: A St. Valentines patriot massacre

I’ve never bought a Valentines Day card or gift in my life. The short answer is I never met one who I couldn’t say no to who couldn’t say ‘No’ to me. The long answer is I never had any desire to ‘settle’ in that area of my existence, since I had to ‘settle’ in so many others.

The really long answer is that before I had any real clue about how far gone we are as a culture, civilization, nation, I had a hard time understanding the mindless crap my fellow ‘human’ herd animals do to/with each other. A big part of the time I just didn’t care.

This admission comes from watching a video I’ll post below, and got me started on a comment that turned into a column:

Several years back a fellow associate at a place where I was wasting my time in exchange for money asked me about the female species, something about what they want or whatever. I just looked at him and smiled and said “Have you ever seen one of those nature shows where the male bird builds the nest to impress the female birds and is stealing stuff from the other male birds in order to do so?”

He nodded yes. “That’s it,” I said. “That’s what they want.” He got this look on his face that was a mixture of hatred, dejection, disgust… He wasn’t an ‘attractive’ guy to start with, and that’s being considerate, and I’ve never been a good judge of horse flesh, or ‘stud’ flesh rather, not bending that way. I don’t think I mentioned the stealing part, but he obviously got the point anyway.

A young lady once had a crush on me, not bragging at all, it was just obvious, but bless her heart she missed the looks line. She was a sweet person but I later swore off the ‘friend’ thing as it usually leads to situations best avoided and even then was leery of it.

She was trying to convince me to attend some event with her and a fellow ‘associate’ was coming toward us who had not only missed the looks line but stood in the ugly line twice as far as I could tell, but again I’m no judge of horse(stud) flesh really, and I asked her “What about going with so and so,” motioning toward the aforementioned. She got this confused look on her face and declined in so many words, proving my long held theory that despite the words of the mothers of ugly children everywhere, ‘Looks do matter.’

The reason you’re so special Julie, and the few like you, is that even though you probably want the nest and the security, and those things aren’t evil, but you also have a mind, or at least something that resembles one, and it might take considerably less cajoling to get you to understand a few basic things that ‘real'(yeah, I grew up watching John Wayne movies) men used to take for granted:

At the end of the day, or war, which ever comes first, if you can’t trust the person you’re legally bound to with your life, you have a dangerous problem.

If she/he would allow a common criminal or government criminal to have their way with your kids what do you have?

If they don’t share at least some of your values and understand why you might have to walk out the door and go do things that most of our ignorant mindless brain-dead society would condemn you for then…

For they will call us ‘terrorists’ and murderers and extremists and Nazis until we crush them or they crush us and write it into their history books. When I first started in this, uh, lifestyle, just mentioning the words “Liberty” or “patriot” in polite conversation would gain one all of that and worse, especially on a college campus.

We had one female seem a little interested in joining ‘The College Patriots,’ a group I founded back in the mid 90s. Her room mate convinced her that some people hide behind labels when they really have other intentions, so she lost her nerve I suppose. I found that quite ironic at the time, considering what our domestic blood enemies have done to this country with their own deceptions, and still do.

But then as far as I can tell many ‘libertarians’ are under the mistaken impression that this war can be won by reason, logic and the peace and love the Weathermen were talking about before they started blowing stuff up, when most voters will never read Mises or Rand or Rockwell but will vote on their stomachs or their sex glands, whichever is demanding the most attention at the moment.

But then most ‘libertarians’ believe in the non-aggression principle and will wait until the black-suited Nazis come and murder their families before they fight back or even organize to fight back or publicly say they’ll fight back on a regular enough basis for it to mean anything. So they seem to be waiting for the apocalypse, which we should be working/fighting to prevent.


If they don’t understand on some basic level why our form of govt. and the laws we exist/slave under matter and only care about what kind of nest you can build for them without understanding an all powerful government can burn the nest down whenever it chooses, what do you have?

All the other stuff is just flotsam in the punch bowl at the wedding reception. Real life is spiked.

I’ve seen couples that argue constantly but stay together for years and others whose relationships are based on laughter, or like many in my grandparents generation, simple survival and the fatalism of the generations that preceded us not to mention the ideal of ‘the good wife’ from the book of Proverbs and the ancient prescription against divorce because of the damage broken homes and parent-less children do to cultures, large and small.

It comes from thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of… years, you get the idea, of human evolution where our ancestors did what they had to. We’ve lost that as a society, or it was stolen from us, or both.

john wayne saddle up
And it comes from that tiny minority in every generation, which many of Julie’s viewers are, that actually give a damn about something beyond their own daily survival. Most don’t study enough history, if any at all, to understand how precious and rare that is.

The submissive usually survive to breed. The sheeple will graze on. Most of them could be sheepdogs, but will never make the attempt. So it’s up to that tiny minority. We have to find a way to stick together or accept the shearing and the slaughter like the rest.


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What Every Girl Needs To Hear