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Did CNN Just Provoke an Inauguration Day Attack in Front of Millions?

FK – Desperate commies grasping at straws.

I think it’s highly unlikely there’ll be an ‘attack’ of real significance. But only a political child would think it impossible.

It would not serve the NWO’s purposes to carry out such a brazen rebuttal of ‘the people’s will,’ whatever that really is.

If they decide Trump is to die Air Force One will go down at the hands of a surface to air missile in the hands of a fundie raghead or ‘right wing extremist’ or maybe even a modern Weatherman of some sort. Or there are many other ways. Just ask the CIA.

The words ‘press pass’ aren’t found in the First Amendment. Anyone who decides to be a ‘member of the press’ can do so, without govt. permission.

Prez press conferences should be held in large auditoriums and the mainstream Marxist corporate network newswhores should be required to sit in the back.

The patriot newbie guidebook

BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Sold Out America!

FK – I’ve been waiting for that ‘giant’ to awaken for a long time now. It’ll be up to the same tiny minority it always is.

We can get it a seat with this flight, after we hang it:

FK – Help them pack my ass. We’ll split up their gear before they leave. They won’t need their Ferraris where they’re going.

I know, they can take along the white “Liberal”(commie) trash, the fundie ragheads and any group that thinks they’re special enough to deserve a ‘promised land’ and let them fight it out and leave us the hell out of it. It would be pretty hilarious. The “Liberal”(commie) trash would be dead in a week as a matter of course:

FK – I think nothing will get better until those who claim to value human Liberty stop apologizing to their domestic blood enemies, who have white skin and were born here and tell them to get the hell out of our country or else the militia weapon in their face will produce an orange bloom.

But then we don’t have a nation of men do we?

Sweden’s Top Public Broadcaster Bans Use of the Word “Immigrant”

Wake-up time in Europe: Time to get armed

These 95 Republicans defied Ryan to oppose spending deal

Did Paul Ryan lie about guest-worker impact on jobs?

FK – Now go back to what  you were doing. There’s nothing to see here:

FK – It’s the arrogance, the hubris, that will find no limit until we force a limit upon it…

Have We Lost Our Constitutional Republic?

FK – I’ve known for years the communists/globalists oppose the battle flag and the south simply so they can say, “See, they were evil because they owned slaves,” so they can later say “See, the Founders were evil because they owned slaves,” which will provide an excuse to nullify, erase, all they did from history and our government.

Waking up is hard to do

There’s ‘some’ common sense left in Kentucky, but you can hold it in a spoon:

Panel: Jefferson Davis statue will remain in rotunda

“Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway, the candidates to replace the term-limited Beshear, both support removing the statue. Collins said a governor’s executive order, legislation from the General Assembly or a court order could overrule his commission’s decision.”

FK – Well there goes my vote for either mainstream candidate in the guv’s race.

When will we get a candidate with some gonads and backbone?

GOP Congressman Confirms John Boehner DOES NOT Have The Votes to Remain Speaker

FK – What is the primary purpose of any elected, hired or appointed public servant? To protect/enforce the Bill of Rights and expand human liberty.

Questions for your candidate

FK – The problem is this is a nation of cowardly whores and we’re allowing our real enemies, our domestic blood enemies, who have been working for 160 years and more to destroy the Bill of Rights and the idea of a limited government, to go on living and breathing. Their arrogance will not end until we force it to.

And we must get the creatures out of our schools and away from the children:

FK – The govt. indoctrination system is doing exactly what it was designed to do…