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Connecting Dots: UFOGate to the Missing Trillions

FK – Whenever the mainstream newswhores are talking about something it’s a good bet they’re supposed to be. That’s another reason I couldn’t vote for Trump. They ignored Ron Paul at every opportunity. As Rappaport wrote there’s nothing new about this process.

The killer bees of fake news

As the ancient tribal propaganda notes, some of them look like us. Why else would the citizens of Sodom want to ‘know’ them? I doubt they would’ve felt the same about greys or ‘reptilians’ or ‘insectoids’ or 3-headed gorks.

If they walk among us are they friend or foe or frenemies?

If the tool-using monkeys can dig massive tunnels with nuclear powered machines what are ‘they’ capable of? Ever seen the Star Trek episode where they have an observation post dug into a hillside shrouded by a cloaking device so they can study the ‘primitive’ culture?

We should hope we’re the primitive culture and not their resource or their allies in some space war the authorties know better than to tell the average dumbass about. Think bringing back the witch burnings if the average dumbass starts looking at his neighbor funny.

Think we’re not capable of that? Billions are still looking forward to their sadistic asshole of a bronze age god burning billions including little kids and babies alive in fire forever because they don’t share their version, sub-version or subversion of what ‘god’ is or should be.

The real question may be “Is there some reason the elites will soon be forced to ‘pull back the veil’ and reveal our true situation?” That’s assuming they fully understand what that might be.

Think global ‘conspiracy’ and global ‘diplomacy’ and global ‘propaganda’ and then put ‘galactic’ in front of those words.

Meanwhile the herd grazes on.

Go look up those graphs that show how little of the entire planet is taken up by the ‘surface’ and the oceans and the ones that show just how small this water-soaked fire-spitting rock is compared to the rest of what our astronomers claim they can see.

What if the missing trillions are going off planet to pay the space tax? What happened when the British Parliament tried to make the colonies pay for the expenditures associated with the French and Indian War?

My standard answer to this:

What generally happens to primitive indigenous populations when they confront superior cultures?

We are the primitives… And it’s my guess ‘they’ don’t consider us ready for their tech.

‘Disclosure’ would mean going to the smallest town and seeing an obvious alien walking down the street or shopping in the local redneck mecca without fear of Jimbob running to his truck for his shotgun or some concealed carrier drawing down on them.

We’re a long-long as in multi-generations away from that. If the govt. suddenly announced ‘disclosure’ internet comment sections would suddenly fill with crap about ‘angels and demons’ and ‘end times’ and ‘we’re gonna get beamed up soon.’ Kinda like now.

As always we’re still a very primitive species and still exist in a very dark age.

Simple minded sheeple have to ‘believe’ in something and have a concrete simple answer to complex questions. Nowadays many have a similar ‘belief’ in our contemporary version of ‘science’ which has clearly been and really always was politicized.

The big question is when will mainstream scientists(and preachers/priests/churches) stop lying and when will we stop lying to ourselves?

Disclosure, or exopolitics is now a thing…

The purposes of gods and golden rules

The most important things to do

UFO Disclosure: the insider game of “reliable sources”

DARPA Subterranean Challenge Aims to Revolutionize Underground Capabilities

$21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget

And don’t miss this short vid from the above DARPA LINK:

FK – Has there been a spike in lost spelunkers or subway passengers?

WTF is this really about?

Wouldn’t this usually be up to local first responders? Why does DARPA have to spend tax dollars on this flimsy excuse for a cover story?

WHY is NO ONE asking WHY we HAVE an income tax?


The most important things to do

A few things that might matter, or ‘The Basics’ part two

Sen. Rand Paul Turned Away from ‘Secret Office for the Secret Bill’ Holding Text of Speaker Ryan’s Obamacare Rescue Bill

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul was turned away Thursday as he attempted to enter Room H157 in the Capitol to read Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) so-called Obamacare secret draft.

At the door of the Capitol room, the conservative senator, who has developed his own bill, along with members of the House Freedom Caucus, which is the House’s conservative bloc, said, “In my state of Kentucky, it is illegal to do this.” He added, “You can’t do this. You can’t have legislation locked behind closed doors in my state.”

Paul said the text of the speaker’s bill was being treated as if it were a national secret, such as a plot to invade another country. “It’s wrong.”

The senator, who is an eye surgeon, said the bill needs to be developed in public.

“Conservatives, who have objections, who don’t want Obamacare-lite should be able to see the bill,” he said.

FK – Once again the republicrats are hanging themselves. Only the next time the commies lie their way back in to power they won’t hold back. The result will be civil war. If it doesn’t kick off before then.


The killer bees of fake news

The patriot newbie guidebook

The Unraveling Of Hillary Clinton’s Political Career is Here

FK – The CFR witch is a blatant outright liar in all situations. Where the hell have you been?

It’s “Liberal”(commie) trash and a NWO elite tool. If it couldn’t lie it wouldn’t have a job and wouldn’t need oxygen. On the rare occasion a whole truth slips out of its upper sewer it’s only in the interest of covering up or drawing attention away from its lies.

Why is everyone in this movement in such deep denial of our situation and what will be required to rectify it?

It’s a long way to November but unless something really damaging manages to stick to Trump he’ll likely trounce hitlery or Sanders either one. There just aren’t enough full blown idiots to vote for an open ‘socialist'(commie). But they will stupidly vote for a closest commie based on what he says during a campaign.

After all these years, and we’ve had the internet for 20 years and smart phones with the web at the fingertips of most individuals now and they’re still this stupid.

I doubt that I’ll be here long enough to see the human race grow up.

And this guy is right:

FK – We may not know until weeks, months or years in what kind of ringer Trump is or isn’t. I’m betting on is. But this guy is right, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. Trump has dissolved the republicrat party leadership more or less and the establishment may never recover.

Trump will likely do a few things right, and several ‘left,’ or commie or globalist or toward whatever he really serves. All he’s proven is that he can make money and run his mouth. I’ve known of too many over the years like that who are otherwise generally clueless and have no business in the position he’s running for. The mushheads in the middle left them on the sidelines, or in the stall, in this horse race. Let’s hope they’re the ones to pay the price for it not those of us who know better.

GOP Elite and Tech Giants Meet Secretly To Stop Trump?

FK – One wonders if the commie rags quoted here that supported the Marxist mutt are supporting hitlery or bernie or trump or whomever in the absurd hope we can depend on them to make a difference.

At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump

FK – That’s the first thing I’ve seen about him that actually impresses me.

There are other links with this vid:

A Judge Just Admitted The Existence Of The NSA’s PRISM Program

FBI could force us to turn on iPhone cameras and microphones, says Apple

The FBI has a new plan to spy on high school kids across the country

Radio Talk Show Host Arrested on Conspiracy Charges for Publicly Criticizing the US Govt

Rand Paul: “I’d put Clapper and Snowden in the same jail cell”

FK – Oh for leaders with some courage. Until we throw away the PC crap completely and start hanging the bastards nothing will change. No, not Snowden, the other guy, et al.

US Iran Tense at Hormuz Strait, Fed Not Raising Rates, TPP Bad Deal, Jade Helm Laughs

FK – The entire situation over there is bizarre. When will the empire overthrow the Saudis? Why haven’t they already? What’s the real reason the unmentionables were allowed, encouraged, to take back their ‘promised land’ based on 3000-year-old tribal propaganda when most of the settlers in the early days were European socialists?

They’re all pretending to be against the TPP. Remember what side of the deception controlled the congress and now red house when NAFTA was shoved down our throats? Yep, that’s right, ‘the party of the little man.’ What did klinton claim in it’s first campaign? “I’m agains NAFTA,”  then shoved it through congress and bragged about signing it.

The red house press whores are there at their masters’ approval. They don’t ask inappropriate questions.

If we’re lucky commiefornia will slide into the ocean, at least the far western urban parts. If not it will have to be re-invaded and re-conquered. Simple fact.