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Trump: ‘I Will Get Rid Of Gun-Free Zones’

FK – Are you people really that desperate?

Is Trump gonna borrow the same magic wand the Marxist mutt used to keep all his promises to his morons?

Fences work both ways. We should wonder why some want one erected on our southern border.

What they say during a campaign means nothing. Their records and affiliations, past and present, are all that matter.

Questions for your candidate.

FK – And I’ll believe this when it happens:

Hillary Will Be Indicted, Says Former US Attorney

FK – The CFR witch is under the elites’ protection or it would’ve gone to prison long ago. It and it’s husband should’ve been executed for treason decades ago but we exist in a nation of cowardly whores.

Speaking of magic wands:

FK –  Are the congress critters going to de-fund all this, including the BATF Nazis, as they should’ve done long ago? When will we demand a repeal of all ‘gun laws?’

Are we ready for what will be required?

FK – Without GCA ’68 would any of this have any basis? It’s way past time to repeal all ‘gun laws.’ Until then the congress critters need to de-fund this garbage and de-fund the BATF Nazis and distribute their retirement plans among their victims.

Then we need to round-up our domestic blood enemies and kick them out of this country:

Bradley Cooper, Will Ferrell, 98 Other Celebs Thank Obama for Gun Control

CNN Anti Gun Op Ed Calls For MARTIAL LAW, Obama To Go Full Dictator

Poll: Americans Oppose Obama’s Executive Order on Guns

GOA: Gun control’s not about guns — it’s about control

Rand Paul Totally Embarrasses ‘The View’ Hosts On Gun Control

FK – I didn’t know my senator was such a moron. He needs to go to the Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek Gun Range. Then he needs to file legislation to repeal GCA ’68 and the NFA and all other ‘gun laws.’

The black witch on the end that’s feigning ignorance, or maybe it really is ignorant, needs to be kicked out of this country because it doesn’t belong here.

We’ve had the internet for 20 years now. To hear such vile nonsense still spewing out of our domestic blood enemies’ mouths tells us what the evil creatures really are.

We have our weapons and are supposed to have weapons equal to that of any soldier or Marine, because we have such vile creatures and will ultimately have to use them on them.

In short, the Second Amendment is about primate season, not deer season, to be specific our modern “Liberal”(commie) trash that we would’ve already exported or exterminated if we had a nation of men.

We need to push this:

FK – Except we need to allow non-violent felons to get their rights back after ‘paying their debt to society.’ Those who can’t be ‘trusted’ with weapons need to be kept in prison. The “Liberal”(commie) trash and many ‘conservatives’ love to say we ‘can’t be trusted.’


And some commie trash whines when we stand up to it:

What I Learned From Pro-Gun Twitter

FK – It’s not about ‘your’ child or ‘my’ gun.

My standard answer to such:

Who’s our greatest enemy? Those who build the Trojan Horse or those who open the gate?

Nothing will get better until we stop worrying so much about the fundie ragheads and start rounding up and at the least deporting our real enemies, our domestic enemies.

So who or what is our real enemy? A tiny no. of fundies who manage to kill a few mush heads now and again or our own white home-grown “Liberal”(commie) trash that works relentlessly to disarm and thus fully enslave millions? What will we do when when a commie SCOTUS rules it’s OK for the “Liberal”(commie) trash, our real enemies, to demand we ‘turn them in?’

How many cowards will comply? How many will sit home and wait their turn to have their weapons taken from their ‘cold dead hands?’ How many will stupidly think they can bury them for a ‘better day’ when a generation or two of completely pacified morons with no conception of fighting back or how have been raised? Those are the questions that matter.

What’s an ‘illegal gun?’ Those two words are nowhere to be found in the Second Amendment. Was the Inland Center a ‘gun free zone?” Why is commiefornia still a ‘may issue’ state? Why do we seek ‘permission’ to exercise the most basic right any creature possesses, that of self defense?

If the Marxist mutt and other commie extremists that call themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ tell us to surrender our weapons and thus our most basic right, they’ll find out what blood really is.

The most important ‘private property’ anyone owns is their own life, health, safety, and no one, anywhere, anytime has the ‘right’ to take that from them or deny them their most basic right, that of self defense.

We all get the elected public servants the brain dead sheeple deserve.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

Don’t understand my bad attitude? Start here.

Governments will always be able to get guns so we must always be better armed than them. Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.

Method for Stopping Shooting Rampages Emerges

Hard evidence — not doctor theories, news commentary, conjecture, hyperbole, rumor, innuendo or any other proposals — clearly shows that the only known way to actually stop spree murderers is to shoot them — or scare them into shooting themselves. Time and again society has found this works.

According to the evidence, every mass murder in recent times has been halted, in the final analysis, by shooting the murderers, or threatening to shoot them, with guns. Members of the press corps continue to debate the subject, despite the evidence. Sources speaking privately say the media consciously reject this fact. In stark contrast, self-defense incidents using guns are suppressed, by news-media policy, and do not appear on the public stage.


Further analysis conducted by The Uninvited Ombudsman, has determined that background checks, or newly proposed additional background checks, recommended by Mr. Obama and others, would be pointless for people who already own guns, since they already own guns. The best estimates indicate this is about 100 million armed Americans.

And in other analysis conducted by The Uninvited Ombudsman, waiting periods have no meaning whatsoever for Americans who already own guns, when they go shopping for guns, since they already own guns. That is also 100 million Americans.

FK – 100 million armed Americans and we can’t take our country back?

FK – So who are our real enemies? Are they hiding in a cave on the other side of the world?

FK – Let Hitlery win. It’ll do the same thing the Marxist mutt has done: Keep the idiot tea partiers and ‘conservatives’ off the golf course and the couch, keep ammo and gun sales high and maybe just maybe, if the Marxist mutt doesn’t beat it to it, do something so arrogant that enough will finally see the necessity of doing what will be required.

Who are our real enemies? Do they have brown skin and are they hiding in a cave on the other side of the world?

FK – The word’s ‘illegal gun’ are not to be found in the Second Amendment. What we need to change is the pacified mindset of the average amerikan and the cowardice of the average ‘conservative’ and ‘libertarian’ so they will stand up, man up and prepare to do what will be required.

We need to stop wasting time arguing with domestic blood enemies who will not stop lying until we force them to stop lying.

The sad thing is that there are so many levels of awareness out there:

FK – What we need is a militia unit in every county in this country who can and will arrest every piece of trash that has created, voted for or supported a ‘gun control law’ and most especially those who enforce them and prosecute the victims of this government terrorism.

The Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about an ‘illegal gun’ or getting permission to exercise it.

Lot’s of ‘good people’ have shot lots of other good people into ditches because they were too stupid and cowardly to say ‘No.’ Most ‘good people’ in this country have been pacified by the government indoctrination centers, the mainstream news and entertainment media and the organized religions. They are willing slaves.

Don’t carry a gun until you have thought about using it in various circumstances. I learned by reading and shooting over the years. There are tons of vids on the net that can teach those who can’t afford to drop 600 bucks on a class. You don’t have to be Rambo to stand up for your Liberty. That’s what this is ultimately about. The crime issue is a red herring.

Did you offer to teach those college kids for free? It’s a good bet that they can’t afford a 600 buck class.

The commie newswhores won’t report on a ‘good guy with a gun’ unless they are forced to, at least on the national level. Lots of big city newswhores are probably prone to pressure from the local commie politicians not to do such reports. That’s the last thing they want is the common sheeple getting the idea they can stand up for themselves, especially against them and their badge wearing tools.


An opinion on gun control – Part 1

Police are awesome. I love working with cops. However any honest cop will tell you that when seconds count they are only minutes away. After Colombine law enforcement changed their methods in dealing with active shooters. It used to be that you took up a perimeter and waited for overwhelming force before going in. Now usually as soon as you have two officers on scene you go in to confront the shooter (often one in rural areas or if help is going to take another minute, because there are a lot of very sound tactical reasons for using two, mostly because your success/survival rates jump dramatically when you put two guys through a door at once. The shooter’s brain takes a moment to decide between targets). The reason they go fast is because they know that every second counts. The longer the shooter has to operate, the more innocents die.

However, cops can’t be everywhere. There are at best only a couple hundred thousand on duty at any given time patrolling the entire country. Excellent response time is in the three-five minute range. We’ve seen what bad guys can do in three minutes, but sometimes it is far worse. They simply can’t teleport. So in some cases that means the bad guys can have ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes to do horrible things with nobody effectively fighting back.

So if we can’t have cops there, what can we do?

FK – I’ve only read the first page of this so far but it’s more than worthwhile.

One wonders if he’d train people how to deal with black-suited Nazis who’ll happily break their doors down and murder them for refusing to comply with the police state.

Governments will always be able to get weapons, thus we must remain better armed than they.