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Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC’s foundation

FK – Only brain dead sheeple are surprised by what the elites do to us. They consider us to be livestock. All they do must be judged by that fact.

At the very least they knew 9/11 was coming and they let it happen for they knew they would profit from it. They passed the Patriot Act without even reading it, when it was written pre-9/11.

The federal bureau of instigators was directly involved in the first bombing of the twin towers. They’re involved in most ‘terrorist’ activity/acts in this country.

I’ll be very surprised if anything serious comes of this beyond a few lackeys doing some light time in a playboy prison. The republicrat party is just as neck deep in the ‘swamp’ as the demonscat party.

This is all distraction. We should be hanging our corporate commie globalists not keeping up with the latest scandal or waiting for the world to end.

What can I do?

As our ancestors conquered we must be ready to defend or we will be conquered. Or maybe we already have been.

Why are we pushing democracy when we’ve lost our Liberty?

“Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx

So when will the republicrats repeal the 16th amendment and the evil gun laws and pass a constitutional amendment to ban socialism?

Why are we REFORMING COMMUNISM? WHY is NO ONE asking WHY we HAVE an income tax?

Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

The most important things to do

The only real reason for the militia

A few things that might matter, or ‘The Basics’ part two

A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”

What’s the ultimate question?

They consider us to be livestock. All they do must be assessed with that fact in mind.

Are we ready for a rat killin’?:

FK – The Bill of Rights is what we’re fighting for. When it finally begins we’ll see lots of tragedy and little hope.

A new birth of Liberty, or death

The real rats:

FK – Realizing what the actual outcomes of this garbage would be should depress anyone with a brain.

Why choose one version of authoritarianism over another?

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights