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No Coincidences./Shot Across the Bow.

FK – It’s pretty clear that this trash hates free speech. Is anyone surprised?

The WSJ is a globalist rag like the rest.

Oh, and welcome to ‘the list’….

If someone tells me they blindly trust any source I know I’m dealing with a child.

The killer bees of fake news

Who deserves to vote?

What to teach your kids

A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”

What’s the ultimate question?


FK – If christmas wasn’t big money there would barely be a recognition of it. It was turned into a business in this country from the 19th century on. And pray tell why can’t we criticize the unmentionables? Is it because of their ancient tribal propaganda or are there other reasons? Sounds like a good idea for a vid. The ancients had winter holidays which the early christian church absconded with just as they did Ishtar and all hallows eve and on and on.

The homos/trans genders whatever they’re calling them now are suffering from obvious birth defects/mental illness but they won’t get the help they need from the insane culture war.

Waking up is hard to do

Isn’t it time to wake up and grow up?

I call them the unmentionables.
In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.

The Tea Party’s National Security Threat

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

“A Thin-Skinned Minority Is Ruining This Nation”: Professor Crushes “Political Correctness” Wave Sweeping America

It is perhaps no mistake that cultural Marxists in the form of “social justice warriors”, PC busybodies and feminists tend to create artificial divisions between people and “classes” while attacking and homogenizing very real and natural divisions between individuals based on biological reality and inherent genetic and psychological ability.

This is what cultural Marxists do: divide and conquer or homogenize and conquer, whatever the situation happens to call for.

They do this most commonly by designated arbitrary “victim status” to various classes, thus dividing them from each other based on how “oppressed” they supposedly are.  The less statistically prominent a particular group is (less represented in a job field, media, education, population, etc.) in any western society based on their color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc., generally the more victim group status is afforded to them by social justice gatekeepers.  Whites and males (straight males) are of course far at the bottom of their list of people who have reason to complain and we are repeatedly targeted by SJW organizations and web mobs as purveyors of some absurd theory called “the patriarchy”.

FK – Overall this is very good but I have to disagree with a couple points. There is ‘white privilege’ though I can’t agree with the Marxist interpretation of it. To deny this is to deny reality. Some or our ancestors were simply greedy vicious assholes. There are plenty of those around today, of all colors. I’ve too often been treated like a jackass while ‘working’ too many blue-collar jobs not to understand this. We need to teach real history with all the warts.

Children are not generally brainwashed. They are indoctrinated. If the govt. schools are attempting to re-indoctrinate a child from a truly ‘religious’ household in love of the state as her personal savior then they might be said to be ‘brainwashing’ since that intones there was something there to remove and replace. Kids are blank slates. All they see, hear, experience largely determines what they become.

Professor’s EPIC Class Intro Has Gone VIRAL; Here’s Why

Is This Racist?

FK – The ‘melting pot’ thing used to be commonly used by “Liberal(commie) trash. Can we say ‘queer?’

Is Confederate flag racist? Majority of Americans says no

FK – Apparently not all our ancestors thought so either:

FK – Can’t believe I never heard it before.

The lyrics:

Artist: Bobby Horton

Verse One:
In the year of sixty one we left our native land 
for we could not bend our spirits to a tyrants stern command 
And we rallied to our Buckner while our hearts were sad and sore 
To offer our blood for freedom as our fathers did before

And we’ll march march march to the music of the drum
we were driven forth in exile from our old Kentucky home.

Verse two:
When first the Southern flag whirled its folds upon the air,
Its stars had hardly gathered till Kentucky’s sons were there,
And they swore a solemn oath as they sternly gathered round
They would only live as freeman in the dark and bloody ground.

And we’ll march march march to the music of the drum
we were driven forth in exile from our old Kentucky home.

Verse three:
With Buckner as our leader and Morgan in the Van,
We Will plant the flag of freedom in our fair and happy land
We will drive the tyrants minions to the Ohio’s rolling flood,
And will dye her waves in crimson with coward Yankee blood.

And we’ll march march march to the music of the drum
we were driven forth in exile from our old Kentucky home.

Verse four:
Then cheer ye Southern braves, ye soon shall see the day,
When Kentucky’s fairest daughters will cheer you on your way,
And then her proud old mothers will welcome one and all
For “United we must stand, but divided we must fall”.

You can learn about the Orphan Brigade at this website.

Man Refuses To Take Down His Confederate Flag, Puts Up 149 More