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TELEVISION Will Kill you. PATENT to PROVE it..

FK – The weaponvision was designed as a weapon back in the 20s, really before when the tech for it was being developed. But then so was radio, the printing press, ink, scrolls, cave painting, preachers behind pulpits.

The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time and can be controlled with a rock, a threat of being rolled around in the fire, for a few minutes or for an eternity, or with an AK-47 or a team of black-suited Nazis or a letter from the IRS.

Nothing new about any of this. All tools are possible weapons, including the stick our ancestors once used to tenderize their meat just after they swung down from the trees and killed it with their teeth.

We don’t ban guns just because they can be used for malevolent purposes and we won’t likely see a ban of flat-screen monitors for similar reasons.

You all need to stop waiting for the world to end and get off your mental and physical asses and start acting like Americans that live in a representative republic which means we don’t have Caesars anymore to pay tribute to and no sadistic god is gonna fly in on a white horse or in a chariot or a UFO and save you from it’s wrath or from the people you don’t like because they make you feel uncomfortable.

If the troops were fighting for our freedom, they’d all be here.

The patriot newbie guidebook

You’re not gonna get beamed up child. It’s time to wake up and grow up and take personal responsibility for the world you exist in. The ancient tribal propaganda isn’t gonna save you. It wasn’t even written for you.

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war or ‘Waking up is hard to do’

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

Choosing sides

The purposes of gods and golden rules

The killer bees of fake news

10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer

God is a Human Eater – Vatican Suppressed Scriptures – Gospel of Philip

FK – Most ‘believers’ couldn’t pronounce ‘christ consciousness’ much less explain what that might mean. And what would ‘allah consciousness’ mean?

Most of them are concrete thinkers. Most of them will be sorely disappointed if their sadistic bronze age god doesn’t burn billions, including babies and little kids, the vast majority of humankind, alive in fire forever. Those versions and sub-versions that practice infant baptism aren’t doing it for symbolic reasons. Protestants don’t cajole little kids into “gettin’ saved” for symbolic reasons. Most of them don’t even know what ‘symbolic’ means. Believing in it is condoning it. That’s how that works.

We’re still a very primitive species and we still exist in a very dark and dangerous age.

The primary goal of the powers that want to always be is to always keep the slaves working, willingly, not by force. Force is too much trouble. Give them a false promise of ‘paradise in the next life’ and nowadays a big screen and enough steak and ice cream and the mules will keep plowing without much complaint. Throw in just a little fear via the IRS and other Fed nazis just to keep things balanced for that minority that always looks around and starts asking inappropriate/inconvenient questions.

This is no different from modern ancient tribal propaganda versions called the NIV or whatever and on and on: someone’s ‘interpretation/version of what ‘god’ is or should be. Only children blindly ‘believe’ in anyone’s ‘inspired’ false reality. Think ‘this was inspired by true events’ that we often see at the beginning of books and movies. It’s still largely someone’s fiction.

Politics is human nature and vice versa. Religion of course is or stems from politics, the need to control or the need to be free of control. Buddha claimed he was trying to free people from the suffering that stems from wanting the things of this world, more or less. Yeshua or whatever allegedly was doing basically the same thing which tells me he was probably influenced by similar teachings. He and his apostles were ascetics. What did the Buddha do at first: starve himself and seek visions, just as Yeshua was doing for 40 days before he was tempted by the devil or his own imagination/hallucinations?

And it’s all someone’s ‘opinion.’

After water and food sex is the strongest animal desire. Early civilizations saw the need to control this because of the dangers of STDs and fatherless/orphaned children to any society. Those who created the modern welfare state knew exactly what the outcome would be. It wasn’t done to help anyone but to create inter-generational parasites that could be dependable constituents for the demonscat party and thus the globalist elites: ignorant easily manipulated masses.

Thus we have the version or sub-version of the creation myth where the ‘original sin,'(not named until thousands of years later) was sex outside of marriage. Thus we have a ‘savior,’ a crazy monk, that allegedly said ‘looking at a woman in lust is adultery’ and ‘fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom of god’ or whatever.

Male and female circumcision is about stifling these animal instincts and as he said, sanitation, in a culture where the sheeple didn’t bathe as often as we moderns might not think they should have.

How can one ‘agree’ with ‘the truth’ when it’s not defined? How does this fit with being punished for ‘eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?’ Neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ is ever properly defined other than being ‘obedient’ is good, being a good slave, and not doing so, not blindly following orders, which is an evil in itself, perhaps the most dangerous one, is ‘bad.’

I rest my case. It’s about keeping the slaves working.

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

More on the insanities:

FK – Most sheeple are simple-minded children and are looking for some savior or another to alleviate them of personal responsibility for what happens in the world around them. See Trump and the Marxist mutt.

Questioning these ‘heavenly’ or ‘earthly’ gods throws their little minds into a tailspin. Accepting blind faith is forfeiting individual thought and replacing it with emotion. Thus questioning any of these gods modern or ancient shuts their little brains down and makes it nearly impossible to get them to question anything other than what they’ve been spoon fed.

Believers make good slaves. That’s why the elites tolerate and encourage religion.

I really hate to have to waste time on this garbage. But I’ve been forced to finally see it as a large part of the problem and why we as a species can’t seem to find freedom or even any real desire for it.

Like many of the beliefs and rites of Romanism, transubstantiation was first practiced by pagan religions. The noted historian Durant said that belief in transubstantiation as practiced by the priests of the Roman Catholic system is “one of the oldest ceremonies of primitive religion.” The Story Of Civilization, p. 741. The syncretism and mysticism of the Middle East were great factors in influencing the West, particularly Italy. Roman Society From Nero To Marcus Aurelius, Dill. In Egypt priests would consecrate mest cakes which were supposed to be come the flesh of Osiris. Encyclopedia Of Religions, Vol. 2, p. 76. The idea of transubstantiation was also characteristic of the religion of Mithra whose sacraments of cakes and Haoma drink closely parallel the Catholic Eucharistic rite. Ibid. The idea of eating the flesh of deity was most popular among the people of Mexico and Central America long before they ever heard of Christ; and when Spanish missionaries first landed in those countries “their surprise was heightened, when they witnessed a religious rite which reminded them of communion…an image made of flour…and after consecration by priests, was distributed among the people who ate it…declaring it was the flesh of deity…” Prescott’s Mexico, Vol. 3. – The Mystery of the Eucharist

You’re not gonna get beamed up child. It’s time to wake up and grow up and take personal responsibility for the world you exist in. The ancient tribal propaganda isn’t gonna save you. It wasn’t even written for you.

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war or ‘Waking up is hard to do’

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

Choosing sides

The Inconvenient Truth About The Bible, The Gods & UFOs

FK – It’s winter in the northern hemisphere. We all expand this time of year.

Trump is historically no more religious than my dog. He owns casinos. They don’t build those things to give money away to the poor. We’ll have to wait until Trump has an actual record before history or the liars who write history can pass judgement on him.

The ‘heavenly host’ would likely be whatever beings altered our DNA and turned us into tool making monkeys, or whatever really happened. Ancient ignorant sheeple would call things they didn’t understand ‘angels and demons and spirits.’ They’re still doing it.

Flying scrolls sounds like the cylindrical craft that have been seen down through time.

Most believers don’t really even read their ancient tribal propaganda, that wasn’t even written for them. It’s like arguing with children over the existence of Santa Claus. It’s over their heads.

Why do ‘spiritual beings’ need physical flying air or space craft?

No one has yet proven there are structures on Mars. I’ve seen a lot of very questionable low res pix and other obviously photoshopped crap but no real evidence. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing there…

If there are several to many more advanced species visiting this planet or that have claimed it or whatever they may very well be at odds with one another for whatever reason and thus produce the ‘good’ guys and the ‘bad’ guys that our ignorant ancestors called the ‘fallen ones’ or the ‘heavenly host.’

It’s even possible that some of these ‘advanced civilizations’ have some insane belief system of their own that they seek to force on others. If ‘disclosure,'(the average dumbass having to daily think about or deal directly with the reality of ‘contact’) happens then the magisteriums or whatever will simply point to the verses about the ‘watchers’ or whatever to explain them or maybe come up with a whole new version, sub-version, or subversion. Religion won’t die. It will simply evolve as it always does.

We are born into a world of mysteries and will likely die in such. If there’s a big beam up it likely won’t be what many are expecting or want. (See vid below)

Modern ‘religion’ has been turned into another way to keep humankind enslaved if it wasn’t designed that way from the beginning.

Wikipedia page on Melchizedek

My standard answer to such:

You’re not gonna get beamed up child. It’s time to wake up and grow up and take personal responsibility for the world you exist in. The ancient tribal propaganda isn’t gonna save you. It wasn’t even written for you.

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war.

Waking up is hard to do

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

‘Free Will’ would be not being forced to make a ‘choice’ –

Choosing sides

“I can’t prove any of these things but I feel this way.” Well there you have it. Believers of all kinds suffer and die every day, usually because they ignored that tiny minority that was trying to get them to get off their mental and physical asses and pay attention and take responsibility for the world around them. Blind faith got us into this mess and it won’t get us out.

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

Any huckster can learn how to use a ‘hypnotic voice’ or form of preaching or speaking to enthrall the simple minded. Seen it done many times. Check the recent quadrennial quest for the idiot vote.

Who deserves to vote?

I’ve never stopped being a ‘truth seeker.’ It’s too bad you did.

The mysteries mentioned above:

FK – Best vid he’s done in a while. He should do more like this and avoid the fuzzy photoshops…

Here’s another one who’s good at ignoring real ‘inconvenient truths’:

FK – Did Jesus own casinos or say it’s OK to re-marry after divorce?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The ‘big deception’ is upon us all right. It won’t be what most expect.

And here’s what our schools are churning out to lead us into the future:

FK – The key is that he learned to be indifferent, or rather his indifference was enforced or as was done to my generation steered in the wrong direction, toward supporting the commie revolution that was going on in the sixties and seventies… and really long before.

Looks like the commie schools had exactly the effect they were built to have:

FK – And the republicrat party was the original party of big government:

Books to read before you vote

The victors write the history books. Who’s writing them now?

What to teach your kids

FIVE Days Before Trump Is Inaugurated Obama WILL Do This… and It CAN’T Be UNDONE!

FK – There is nothing that can’t be ‘undone.’ Our ancestors fought a bloody war to rid us of the divine right of kings. We don’t have a Caesar here to pay tribute to. Any creature/being that tries to make itself such should be killed.

The ‘old world order’ was one where millions wasted their lives trying to decipher the ancient tribal propaganda and killed millions in the process. Why? Are we still that backwards?

If all we do is focus on the end of the world what’s the point to being here?

My standard response to such:

You’re not gonna get beamed up child. It’s time to wake up and grow up and take personal responsibility for the world you exist in. The ancient tribal propaganda isn’t gonna save you. It wasn’t even written for you.

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war.

Waking up is hard to do

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

What to teach your kids

The patriot newbie guidebook

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

What do Jews in Israel think about Jesus Christ the Messiah and God in the Flesh – YAHWEH

FK – If there is any justice in the universe the followers of the three insanities will end up in each others’ hells.

Here’re my questions: Do you know what ‘Reform Judaism‘ is? Why was ‘modern Israel’ founded by European Socialists? Why are most modern Jews secular Marxists?

Loving thy neighbor can be a great thing, unless they don’t love you and don’t mind being slaves to some govt. or god then they’ll readily vote for you to be enslaved along with them.

But these insanities were created when the sheeple had a Caesar to pay tribute to. We aren’t supposed to have that anymore. But sadly most are too brain dead to understand this.

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

Commies are as commies vote, to kill those who don’t ‘agree’ with their slavery:

Seventh-Day Adventist Is A Cult

FK – All religions are successful cults. All require gullibility. How? The human insanity, or religious gene or ‘must control others’ gene that may indeed have been inserted by those who ‘made us in their image.’

I feel safe in saying that most Presbyterians are commies. Trump is a NWO tool, a ringer, or something like it.

Jesus was quoted as saying he would return in the lifetime of his apostles. But yet as ‘god’s son’ or part of the trinity or whatever he couldn’t manage to write down in his lifetime what he wanted us to know or even hire a secretary. It had to be done decades later from human memory at best, which is not usually that reliable.

I would have a much more ‘blissful’ day if I lived in a country where millions weren’t daily waiting for the world to end but instead were standing up and taking personal responsibility for the world they exist in. Would it be ‘perfect?’ Of course not. It might even be worse for a while. We’re still a very primitive species and we still exist in a very dark age and all this arguing over the versions, sub-versions and subversions proves it.

Waking up is hard to do

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

Waking up is still hard to do

The Keep Jesus Rally

FK – Without seeing I’m guessing it could be called iconography. Does it show a bearded hey zeus? Who was the photographer or the ‘artist’ or illustrator?

The Ten Commandments on the wall doesn’t bother me. But let’s not be silly, or mindless.

Now I’m actually watching it. Is that preacher carrying a gun so he could defend his would-be fellow cultists? Or does he prefer the unsaved be burned alive in fire forever because they said “No thanks” to his alter call?

I grew up in this crap. Now it disgusts me. What’s really disgusting is what mainstream christianity has become, if it wasn’t already intended to be from the beginning, a tool of the state. Think about it: Obey the magistrates; pay your taxes; be a good servant or slave cause you’ll have paradise in the next life; don’t commit suicide or risk hell fire no matter your condition or suffering; don’t kill unless god(his reps on Earth, the priests or kings) orders you to go over the hill and kill all the pagans and not bring back so much as a goat or a sack of grain; you’re gonna get beamed up soon(modern interpretation) so you don’t have be politically active…

What would they say if a copy of the Bill of Rights were being removed? That’s what truly makes this country exceptional, including the ‘no cruel and unusual punishment’ part. Not like the ancient tribal propaganda with its bronze age god that was patterned after the ancient tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their subjects and said “Obey me or I’ll torture and/or kill you.”

God works around ‘the devil?’ God made the devil according to most interpretations of the ancient tribal propaganda so ‘the devil’ by whatever name or incarnation is his tool.

Not sure of this guy’s version, sub-version or subversion but 30 years in this world, even at that time period, two years or so preaching, 3 days of torture at the hands of the Romans at the behest of the Jews who most certainly would have killed him themselves if they could have, doesn’t equal billions being burned alive in fire forever. No way no how.

The First Amendment is about ‘freedom from religion,’ any imposition via the Federal govt. of any religion or version, sub-version or subversion. Simple fact. What would he be saying if the fundie ragheads were trying to establish Sharia law and playing the ‘call to prayer’ 5 times a day in every podunk town in this country?

The ‘devil beating god’ would be like a carved chess piece beating the carver. This guy is paraphrasing ancient esoterica with no understanding of it. But then how much does the average believer understand? Most of them only nod their heads on Sundays and if they read their version of the ancient tribal propaganda they clearly don’t understand it. Anyone who claims it’s ‘inerrant’ and ‘true’ is a child.

Will the human race ever grow up? I don’t expect to see it in my time in this realm. We are still a very primitive species and we still exist in a very dark age.

Sir, the commies have been here for decades. Our failure to call them what they are and to hunt them to extinction is why we are losing our country and our Liberty. Your religion has played a major part in that. Simple sad fact.

Who’s educating(indoctrinating) your pastors?

The reason for maryjane in the schools is we have a less sheltered culture than we once had, and of course the drug war, which isn’t about morality or protecting the children or saving society but about money. Like the war on terror if the drug war wasn’t profitable for all the ‘right’ people it wouldn’t exist.

When I went away to college in the early 80s it was easier to acquire marijuana because it was illicit and the liquor stores actually required I.D. most of the time vs. the liquor stores back home who would on occasion tell me “Come back next weekend, the ABC’s in town.” This was in central Kentucky, on the border of the ‘dry'(protestant) counties and the catholic counties.

I remember very well preachers pontificating on ‘dope’ when I was a teenager and when Nixon started the drug war and Reagan escalated it. So why are we here?

Some of the Founders insisted on a Bill of Rights because they saw the inherent dangers in the new constitution and in human nature, the same human nature that created the dominant(in the colonies) religion at that time and the same human nature that changes the cultural interpretation of the ancient tribal propaganda over time as human society evolves from god appointed monarchies to elected representatives.

Historically humanism often or always moves hand in hand with socialism. Atheism is not a religion. It is the lack of religion. Socialism stems from the same human nature as religion, the human desire, maybe genetic for a reason, to seek out a savior or king or whatever to wave its magic wand and solve all our problems for us. This is proven with every prez election cycle regardless of which tool gets to pretend to run the country for four years, often voted for because he uttered the word ‘jesus’ a few times or said “You can’t beat the bible.”

‘Jesus in the court house’ would mean the elected, hired and appointed public servants keeping his alleged commandments, ten or otherwise, the golden rule, etc. and holding a real love for their fellow ‘man’ in their hearts, not a childish rendition of what he probably didn’t look like even if he really existed.

We need a large and readable copy of the Bill of Rights in all the schools and a non commie ‘interpretation’ needs to be taught. But then we need to focus on getting the commies out of the schools and away from the children. This would do far more good than focusing on ‘artwork.’

I’ve read the Constitution a few times and the word ‘jesus’ isn’t in there neither is any mention of anyone’s ancient tribal propaganda.

When the Romans lost their republic after 80 years, as we did, was it because they failed to obey their pagan gods? When their empire finally did fall after hundreds of years what religion was becoming dominant, because of politics(which is human nature and vice versa)?

What will you all do when they come with the cattle cars? Humbly get on board? Is that what the Founders did? No, they killed their enemies. Do any of you have the courage to publicly say what will be required to save what Liberty we have left? Are you waiting on god’s army, which has never existed, to swoop down from heaven and save you? It’s a good thing the Founding generation didn’t have that attitude.

If god’s flock isn’t ready to hear such a message whose fault is that?

Love is a wonderful thing. But without real wisdom it’s at best wasted. Not everyone goes by the ‘golden rule’ and not everyone minds being a slave, whether to worldly or non worldly entities.

Which tax exempt church that Lyndon Johnson silenced politically(unless it’s a commie church fighting for ‘civil rights’) should they go to?

Congress actually praying is certainly one of the most hypocritical things I can imagine, no matter what rock they claim to be praying to.

The ‘tyranny of the majority’ is exactly what the Bill of Rights is about repressing. The same ideals that are supposed to protect the ‘atheists’ or whatever today should do the same for the future ‘christian’ minority. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

From reading the New Testament I think they’re already a minority. That ‘old time religion’ I used to hear the old folks singing about really is a thing of the past and if the big beam up happens so few will be taken that they’ll just be added to the missing person’s list and life will go on as if nothing happened.

But that’s how it works. Eventually they’ll re-write the ancient tribal propaganda to suit modern culture and pretend nothing ever happened. The average ignorant ‘believer’ won’t know the difference.

He’s right about a small group of people that want to control everything else. They’re on all sides. It’s human nature unfortunately, that ‘must control others’ gene that has been so prevalent for so long and goes hand in hand with the submissive who have been surviving to breed for such a long time.

I learned much from ‘christian patriots’ in my waking up years ago and have some respect for those who take a stand even for things I can’t agree with but they must learn to focus on what matters and on winning this war for real human Liberty not ancient misinterpreted mysticism. But they are a tiny minority of the religious population. The rest are like grass waiting to be mown down, rooted in mindlessness, modern pacifism and cowardice.

We’re at the bottom of a deep well. The light at top must be reason and logic, the real building blocks of our nation, not blind faith, or blind patriotism, or we will most certainly drown.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. That’s the point.

And ‘scare tactics’ don’t work?