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What “Well Regulated” Actually Means

FK – British troops were known as ‘regulars’ because of the way they were trained to march. Thus well regulated meant ‘well-trained.’

So ‘well-regulated’ militia means they get their fat asses off the couch and get out there and learn the skills, tactics, overall strategies of combat.

Good luck getting the average ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ to develop the backbone or gonads to do that. They can’t even publicly state what must happen if the commie trash or some other statist force ever orders us to ‘turn them in.’

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The Main Reason Socialism Can’t Work

FK – The fundamental problem with communism is it enslaves the working poor, the group it’s allegedly set up to help, by forcing them into a system that steals their labor, their speech, their property, and usually moves to disarm them, which is the most evil thing any entity can do to another.

All that being written why hasn’t ‘capitalist’ jeff bozo changed the editorial policy of the commie rag he bought, the washington compost? Why did goolag ceo what’s-his-face work to get hitlery elected and why does goolag and gootube do all they can to destroy the free speech of those who are simply trying to establish human liberty?

Why did amerikan corporations move their factories to poor countries after NAFTA was passed? Hint: It wasn’t because they felt sorry for the peasants and wanted to give them a leg up. It was so they could find desperate ignorant workers who would do or say anything to get or keep a job(just over broke) and show up on time, do what they’re told and never ask inappropriate questions.

How is Toyota and its affiliates getting away with forcing its workers into 12 hour days, 7 days a week? What is ‘just in time delivery’ and what does that do to truck drivers, many of whom admittedly are stupid enough to already be destroying their health in the name of ‘getting the load’ and ‘competition.’

If there were any men in this country we’d have a hanging party once a month picking from among the commie insurgents and the corporate workaholic assholes.

If I order some gizmo I have NO RIGHT to expect anyone involved in the process of getting that to me to commit slow or fast suicide, degrade their health or their quality of life or any damn thing else!

A modern 10 commandments

Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? – Learn Liberty

We need something closer to this:

FK – There are way too many softies in this country who have no conception of reality much less sweating or the skills they will need for the zombie apocalypse, which we’re already in by the way.

What is a man, really?

What to teach your kids

And not so close to this:

FK – Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

The most important things to do

The only real reason for the militia

Stephen Miller Flips Over Table in Outburst

FK – Personally I think all teens should spend some time cleaning floors and commodes and picking up trash. Too many venture into the ‘professional’ world with no appreciation or respect for those ‘beneath’ them.

For once I have to agree with the SJW. But then it wouldn’t like it when the schools required physical fitness and martial arts(including weapons) training in all schools in preparation for 2-4 years of military commitment for all after school.

If most of these ‘sjws'(junior commies) had to spend some time with a drill instructor yelling in their faces maybe they’d be mature enough to get something out of college besides a Marxist indoctrination.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

Welcome to a nation of morons

Should You Join a Militia?

There is historical basis and precedence for militia. Our forefathers even went so far to plan for the need of a “well-regulated Militia” and outlined this in our Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Their reasoning in my, and countless others minds, was that a militia could one day be “necessary to the security of a free State”. The militia concept was preferable to a standing Army which many of our founders were vehemently opposed to.

For example, James Madison said:

In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.

Simply put, we might need our own defensive forces to step in to defend us in dire circumstances. Each state used to be responsible for their own militias. State Militias still exist, but they are nothing like the forces they once were, they are rare and most people think the National Guard has taken their place.

This article isn’t an argument about the Second Amendment, or a dissection of those words our founders sacrificed so much for. The common expression of Militias today exist as a symbol largely that has been used by people on both sides of the argument over whether Militias are necessary or unneeded relics that should be confined to history.

One side of this argument almost universally depicts any group that calls themselves a Militia as radical, violent, racist and bent on overthrowing the government. The other side largely views the role of a militia as some bulwark against a rising fear of tyranny. The question on my mind started largely with a simple question that one of our readers posed a while back. Should you join a militia?

FK – In my estimation there is really only one reason to join a militia, even though many I have trained with may disagree, and this is to restore our Liberty, the Bill of Rights, and the form of government we are supposed to enjoy in this country. All the ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘civil service’ and preparedness and disaster readiness and on and on are only public relations functions at best.

Our real enemies are right here. They have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.

We should have, decades ago, established a militia force in every county in this country to deal with: the BATF Nazi trash who have proven themselves to be murderers, and exist to railroad people into prison in the name of evil laws that the Second Amendment doesn’t allow; the IRS Nazi trash who steal people’s property and ruin their lives and imprison them in the name of enforcing a tax that isn’t supposed to exist in this country and in fact wasn’t ratified by enough states to become law; and the FBI who have been involved in one way or another with every ‘terrorist’ incident over the last several years; the ‘drug war,’ like the ‘war on terror’ which would not exist if all the ‘right’ people on all sides weren’t profiting from it.

But since we don’t have a nation of men but a nation of cowardly whores we have the situation we have: lots of small groups under several different names, some public, hopefully many not, who will have to deal with the ultimate blood war that history shows always comes, in the best way they can.

This situation will not likely change until the upper middle class, the ‘people'(loosely defined) with money and intelligence, figure out there’s no more corn in the trough.

So all I can reasonably offer at this point is this: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Or as our domestic blood enemies like to say “Think globally, act locally.”

This will likely be true at the beginning of any future conflict whereby we will have to erode our enemies’ support at the foundation in the vein of the movie “Michael Collins.”

From my own personal experience this is my immediate advice: Rules for the militia

AK-74: Fast Assembly & Dis-assembly In Russian School

FK – Wow. This is what’s wrong with amerikan schools.

Do they get to practice at home? Can they or their parents own those weapons?

I just wish I could get an AK mag inserted that fast.

Military-Like Precision of Paris Terror Attack Has Many Asking Serious Questions

FK – A couple of smart college age ‘kids’ who’ve watched a few YouTube vids could probably act just as calmly. Just sayin’. Humans are more capable than they realize of steeling their minds to certain realities. Military training is no guarantee of success or ‘professionalism.’

FK – What a newswhore says in relation to reality doesn’t mean a whole lot anyway.

I’ve hunted all my life and shot that caliber. The angle looks right to me. It’s a possible complete miss but there’s no guarantee that a high velocity full metal jacket round which is probably what was fired would immediately produce blood and gore.

I’ve shot watermelons with high powered rounds and it usually takes a center shot to make them explode. Otherwise you just blow a chunk off. A human skull is not a watermelon. This is a low grade vid from a distance as well.

I’m not defending or attacking anyone but we also don’t need to be adding to the confusion.

Focus on what the govt.s will do in name of these events. We can hold the war crimes trials after the war to figure out who really did what.

Best to prepare for what will be required.