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Senator shamelessly uses 11 year old daughter for sympathy in ‘sexism’ row

FK – The Aussies failed to exterminate their ‘liberal/progressive'(COMMIE) trash when told to surrender their weapons so they fully deserve whatever is done to them.

No woman should be bullied and intimidated or disrespected unless they’re commie trash and they fully deserve it or more likely deserve a Louisville Slugger up side their heads.

And someone could easily fat shame it with no guilt required.

“As a politician you’re character is everything(laughing so hard I had to stop typing).” Now there’s a quote for the centuries.

It would now be appropriate for the creature to start a web cam service. With a wide angle camera of course.

Commie trash should always be taken seriously. It’s very dangerous regardless of whether its evil is based in natural born or willful ignorance or malevolence as is so often the case.

We’ve had the net for 20 years after all. It’s incredibly easy to learn how evil the twin evils of socialism and weapons control are.

I won’t comment on the kid because I don’t believe in being cruel to children other than to say I hope someone pursues intervention. Where’s social services when they’re really needed?

But then all commie parents should have their children removed.

Christian rebels and modern cowards

It’s OK to bully some females apparently:

FK – Once again: The Aussies failed to exterminate their ‘liberal/progressive'(COMMIE) trash when told to surrender their weapons so they fully deserve whatever is done to them.

So it’s OK to bully some females and shame those who don’t go along with commie propaganda.

Personally I had no desire to have kids unless I could afford to hire a hot Nanny.

As much as I respect Miss. Southern I have to ask: “What’s a hermaphrodite?”

The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war or ‘Waking up is hard to do’

Those who forward human liberty are the actual extremists, since most of the herd animals neither understand nor want it. Simple sad fact. Our Founding Fathers were radical extremists who said we no longer need god-appointed kings or insane religions to tell us what to think/do. They killed their fellow Englismen and fellow Americans in the pursuit of independence and liberty.

Sadly there are no men here to carry their battle forward.

The only real reason for the militia

The most important things to do

It’s time to put guns back in the schools and educate children in reality not communist fantasy land.

What to teach your kids

The Main Reason Socialism Can’t Work

FK – The fundamental problem with communism is it enslaves the working poor, the group it’s allegedly set up to help, by forcing them into a system that steals their labor, their speech, their property, and usually moves to disarm them, which is the most evil thing any entity can do to another.

All that being written why hasn’t ‘capitalist’ jeff bozo changed the editorial policy of the commie rag he bought, the washington compost? Why did goolag ceo what’s-his-face work to get hitlery elected and why does goolag and gootube do all they can to destroy the free speech of those who are simply trying to establish human liberty?

Why did amerikan corporations move their factories to poor countries after NAFTA was passed? Hint: It wasn’t because they felt sorry for the peasants and wanted to give them a leg up. It was so they could find desperate ignorant workers who would do or say anything to get or keep a job(just over broke) and show up on time, do what they’re told and never ask inappropriate questions.

How is Toyota and its affiliates getting away with forcing its workers into 12 hour days, 7 days a week? What is ‘just in time delivery’ and what does that do to truck drivers, many of whom admittedly are stupid enough to already be destroying their health in the name of ‘getting the load’ and ‘competition.’

If there were any men in this country we’d have a hanging party once a month picking from among the commie insurgents and the corporate workaholic assholes.

If I order some gizmo I have NO RIGHT to expect anyone involved in the process of getting that to me to commit slow or fast suicide, degrade their health or their quality of life or any damn thing else!

A modern 10 commandments

Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? – Learn Liberty

We need something closer to this:

FK – There are way too many softies in this country who have no conception of reality much less sweating or the skills they will need for the zombie apocalypse, which we’re already in by the way.

What is a man, really?

What to teach your kids

And not so close to this:

FK – Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

The most important things to do

The only real reason for the militia