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Why Your Favorite YouTube Creators Will Disappear | Tin Hat Ranch

FK – At the end of the day ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians,’ those with actual money, care more about their money than their ’cause’ and will probably fail to congeal and create a platform to replace YouTube which is owned by google which is evil whose newer ‘parent company’ Alphabet is ran by a piece of schitt that worked to get hitlery in the now red house.

We are war but too many are still in denial of that reality.

The killer bees of fake news

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo’s Bizarre Election Night Sermon

FK – Dumbo is a long recognized moron here in Kentucky. Let’s hope the election really means something and the sheeple didn’t just hire a bunch of RINOs.

Watch The Top Democrat In Kentucky’s Epic Meltdown After Matt Bevin’s Win

Analysis: Bevin Win in Kentucky Underscores Decimated Democratic Party Under Obama