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What “Well Regulated” Actually Means

FK – British troops were known as ‘regulars’ because of the way they were trained to march. Thus well regulated meant ‘well-trained.’

So ‘well-regulated’ militia means they get their fat asses off the couch and get out there and learn the skills, tactics, overall strategies of combat.

Good luck getting the average ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ to develop the backbone or gonads to do that. They can’t even publicly state what must happen if the commie trash or some other statist force ever orders us to ‘turn them in.’

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Shot Heard Around The World Revisited

FK – How do those northeastern Yankees stay so stupid? But then how do millions more all over this land of the no-longer free and the not-so-brave?

Yes, it will have to be repeated. It must.

Our ancestors allegedly went to war over a few cents tax. Today’s pathetic amerikans hand the government their children’s minds:

Obama ‘Education’ Secretary: If Parents Opt Out of Common Core, Feds Will Force Them Back In

The Story of April 19th, 1775, Patriot’s Day, The Three Strikes

FK – They were fighting their own govt. Just like us. How very enlightening. Some of this I’d never heard before.

April 19, the day they shot back, should be our biggest holiday.
This is a multi-front war. Be political but understand that our domestic blood enemies will never just throw up their hands and say “Sorry we bothered you. We’re going home now to live in peace and Liberty with our neighbors.” Won’t happen.Best to prepare for what will be required.