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Ben Carson Blind To The UN War On Drugs Agenda

FK – The current quest for the idiot vote is replete with morons. Well, some of them may be smart enough to understand the evil they do. Good tools don’t have to be smart, just efficient.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

FK – In the birther movement? At least he did something right. LEOs in Arizona have proven the illegitimacy of the Marxist Mutt’s ‘birth certificate.’ The Marxist mutt’s daddy was probably an amerikan commie activist. Look it up.

It’s possible Trump has really developed something of a ‘conscience’ by whatever definition but I wouldn’t bet a rotten moldy cold baloney sammich on it.

While I think it’s his right to own a casino if he chooses those places aren’t built to give money away, but to take it from idiots.

Hey, if it wins we can park Air Force One for a few years and save millions on transport of the latest tool.

trump dumb voters

Trump’s Got Plans For America

FK – Trump is a ringer or some version thereof. The desperate mal-educated half awake ‘tea partiers’ are grasping at straws like the cowards they are instead of standing up like real men and women and doing what will be required to take our country back.

I call them the unmentionables: In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.

The Tea Party’s National Security Threat

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

The Low Down on Trump, Sanders and Rand by Gary Johnson

FK – We’ll never have the ‘perfect’ candidate, whatever that would be. What we need is one who will work to restore the Bill of Rights and expand human liberty, not ‘democracy’ or corporatacracy and expel the communists from our country.

Commiefornia Lt. Gov Pushes Ballot Initiative Requiring Background Checks for Ammo Purchases

On October 14, California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he will begin pushing a ballot initiative to require background checks for ammunition purchasers and to implement a statewide ban on the possession of any ammunition magazines larger than the ones Elliot Rodger used in his 2014 Santa Barbara attack.

Rodger only used ten-round magazines during his attack.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the ballot proposition would also make it illegal for anyone other than a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder to sell ammunition, thus guaranteeing that ammunition background checks would be done on every sale and enable the state government to know where every round was going. The initiative is also designed to put in place a system for confiscating guns from those “prohibited from owning them” and would force citizens to report lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement.

FK – My standard answer:

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

Don’t understand my bad attitude? Start here.

Governments will always be able to get guns so we must always be better armed than them.

Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.


Will your “Liberal”(commie) trash ‘friends’ vote for this kind of garbage? Let me give you a hint, they’re not you’re friends. When they vote they vote to kill you:

FK – See my standard answer above. Such cowards we have in this country. This trash should’ve been executed for treason decades ago.

Villains In New Captain America Comic Are Opponents Of Illegal Immigration