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FK – Why does the BATF still exist? Why haven’t the Branch Davidians’ murderers been brought to justice? Why do we still beg permission to exercise our most basic right?

Because this is no longer a nation of men.

Like others, we have been defeated:

FK – So are you telling us the ‘noble red man’ doesn’t always respect individual liberty nor our most basic right?

Those who don’t, don’t belong in this country, no matter if their ancestors rode over in the Mayflower, in a kayak, or walked across the Bering Strait.

And some think we should allow commiefornia to secede.

The only real reason for the militia

Patriot/ Prepper…This could kill you if you do not take care of it.

FK – For the most part the war will not be fought by ‘preppers’ or patriots or militiamen. Most of them will be dead or in the supermax by the time things really get serious, if they show up for the first firefight at all.

If we had a nation of men the war would’ve began years ago. This country is ripe for collapse/invasion. Harsh words now are nothing compared to what’s coming. Most will kiss fondle and suck whatever is stuck in their faces in order to keep the steak and ice cream and big screen fantasyland turned on.

It will be up to that tiny minority as always.

How Dangerous Is Lyme Disease?

FK – Wish I had a $10 bill for every tick I ever pulled off myself. They are far more numerous in recent years but seem to be down this year. The ‘turkey mites’ or tick nymphs are a far greater concern to me, since it can take days for the itching to end. The fastest way to deal with that is to use flea and tick shampoo after time outdoors and  to pop the little itchy bumps like a zit to get the fluid out. This usually makes them stop itching and dry up.

Lyme Disease Bacteria Older than the Human Race

Iceman May Hold Earliest Evidence of Lyme Disease

Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of Lyme disease


Coyote Mystery: Attack in Wild (Nature Documentary)

FK – It’s simple, people, real human beings, who aren’t sheeple, carry a gun wherever they go so they can deal with govt., two-legged, or four-legged predators. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be in a free country. But then none of that applies to Canada does it?

Any govt. that forbids its sheeple from defending themselves should be overthrown and it’s elected public SERVANTS executed for treason against human Liberty. “Liberal”(commie) trash that doesn’t ‘agree’ with our most basic right should be fed to the predators.

The end segment where this young woman’s brain-dead indoctrinated mother apologizes for the mindlessness that led to her daughter’s death is truly disgusting.

If we got the “Liberal”(commie) trash out of the schools as we should and got over many sheeples’ inborn mindless pacifism young people could be educated in how to act in such situations, beginning with not being stupid enough to venture anywhere,  that’s anywhere, without some kind of weapon(s) and the knowledge and practiced skill necessary to use it/them.

In this case a good walking stick alone might have saved her life, but not without a honed and practiced survival instinct that would have caused her to fight/bluff and not run as the ‘experts’ suggest was the ultimate problem. So-called ‘experts’ who are ‘surprised’ or shocked when predators do what comes natural aren’t worth the paper their degrees are stamped on.

Hikers disappear in parks all the time. Look it up. I simply can’t feel sorry for most of them when I know they’re venturing into the woods with a Disney mindset.