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The Invasion of Europe

FK – Your democracy is what’s killing you. Your failure to demand Liberty allows the sham of democracy, another form of manipulation, to continue.

Your failure to start killing your commies and your globalists when they told you to turn your weapons over to them will finish your civilization. The ragheads will have no problem circumventing their ‘gun laws’ and importing whatever they need to rule you.

They’re not ‘progressive Pollyannas.’ They’re communists and they know full well what they do. Your failure to hunt them to extinction, like ours, is what’s killing you.

All this is intentional. The question is who is really behind this and what are their real goals? One thing must be known above all else: They consider us to be livestock.

Nothing to do with Islam

FK – What group/party passed the laws that allowed this to happen? What group/party told you Brits to turn your guns into the govt. rendering you defenseless slaves? Who are your real enemies?

It’s way past time for you Brits to do what will be required.

He has several links with this vid, like this one:

Third of Brits Too Scared to Speak out on Immigration and Religion

FK – That’s because the cowardly Brits didn’t start killing their “Liberal”(commie) trash, their real domestic enemies, when they were told to surrender their personal weapons. Now they fully deserve whatever is done to them.