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“Partial” vs. “Full” – Examining Disclosure with Secret Space Programs & Pedogate

FK – Sheeple were ‘surprised’ when the ‘deep state’ allowed 9/11 to happen, by the event, not the ‘conspiracy,’ of course which most of them are still in denial over.

So how many are ready for ‘disclosure’ despite a century plus of sci fi books, movies, etc. and all the UFO ‘research’ of the last 60 years? Not many. WE as a species aren’t ready. It would bring disaster not to mention the religious hucksters would have a field day as well as all the other isms struggling to profit from it, assuming ‘they’ allowed our societies/cultures to continue in some way we can now comprehend or want to consider.

Why do I claim this? Go read the comments on a few Trump groups or hitlery groups or demonscat party groups on fakebook.

I have a really hard time with ‘pedogate’ being the large scale issue some claim. We often hear of so many kids going ‘missing.’ Where are they coming from? Most of the time if a kid disappears all hell breaks loose.

Simple minded sheeple have to ‘believe’ in something and have a concrete simple answer to complex questions.

The big question is when will mainstream scientists(and preachers/priests/churches) stop lying and when will we stop lying to ourselves?

Disclosure, or exopolitics is now a thing…

The purposes of gods and golden rules

UFO Disclosure: How We Are Being Told The Greatest Story Of All Time by Grant Cameron

FK – First of all the prez is a tool that is ‘allowed’ into the now red house and ‘allowed’ to make certain decisions within certain parameters.

If anyone is at 60,000 feet it ain’t him, or it, or whatever is allowed in there in the future.

It seems to me the mothership would be at 60,000 feet.

Propaganda has always been a mix of truth, half truths and blatant lies from the ancient tribal propaganda to the pink goo that flows on the internet and drowns us all in dis/information.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they told us the Aliens want us to give up our guns so they can teach us how to exist as peaceful slaves. Oh wait, they already did that in the 50s.

But, but it’s on the weaponvision so it must be real:

FK – The phenomena is very real but you can bet the enemies of human liberty will use it to their advantage every time they can.

FK – The Marxist mutt doesn’t have to ‘disclose’ anything. It will be obvious to all during the next prez administration regardless whether the big hair or the big ego(you figure out which is which) wins that the aliens are among us and the mush heads in the middle voted them into power.

‘IT’S COMING’ The UFO truth legacy more profound than Christ which Obama may trigger

A new Goldilocks for habitable planets

FK – We need to find the ‘Goldilocks zone’ for human intelligence. In reality it’s very narrow and we let too many with none vote. That’s the problem.

More propaganda?:

FK – ‘Compassion and evidence’ would be a dogma as well if it’s practiced no better than ‘modern science.’

Our Earthly enemies tell us lies and claim to be what they are not and will use the alien presence to their advantage if they can.

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

Billionaire Expands Search For Alien Life! – Open Minds UFO Report

FK – This guy better hope the galactic eco cops don’t give him a ticket for littering. It might be out of his price range, and ours.

It’s amazing to me with all the ‘evidence’ here on YouTube alone how these ‘scientists’ can still with a straight face talk about the ‘alien’ life that ‘might be out there.’

Our entire existence is a lie. We’re here for some reason not answered by the global religions and ignored by most philosophies.

I fear the real reason would be of a malevolent nature so the governments or elites that do, maybe, ‘know’ whatever ‘the truth’ is realize the average dumbass couldn’t deal with it. It’s easier to imagine all those who don’t agree with your version of reality being burned alive in fire forever, including little kids and babies.

We are still a very primitive species and we still exist in a very dark age.

Of course there’s a lot of crap on the net and precious little well-documented evidence:

FK – If there really are various groups either coming here or sending ‘probes’ or biological robots to check us out, manipulate us, harvest us, ‘save’ us or whatever else they likely recognize our species is not ready to deal with their reality yet. They could watch the current quest for the idiot vote going on in this country and figure that out pretty quickly.

FK – Could be one of those huge spotlights car dealers use to get attention…

Uh huh.

UFO Video Media Mix-Up! – Open Minds UFO Report

FK – The are diff levels of newswhores, from the yellow ‘enquireristic’ types in England to the commie rags like HuffPO. They may be ‘careful’ about this subject but regularly lie about others. Simple fact.

But then the alt. media can’t be blindly trusted either:

FK – Encryption sounds reasonable to me, not being all that ‘scientific.’ One thing does not necessarily prove or disprove the other. The question might be what do some of these alien races have to gain by manipulating our governments, cultures, religions, and on and on?


FK – The govt. won’t tell us all it knows about this world. Expecting it to tell all about things it probably barely understands is childish thinking. Every voter should be required to read ‘The Prince.’ It shows how governments work and have always worked.

They probably fear there would be instant religious war. Billions have been indoctrinated in the propaganda that the world is always about to end and when ‘the gods’ come back they’ll show us how to exist(as their slaves), and whether they’re fakers or real will be the point of contention.

It might be the best way for the aliens to destroy us… Or maybe they know it’s a phase we must pass through.

Here’s the documentary referenced in the interview:

FK – Not my kind of hamburger. When I posted the ‘Strange Harvest’ vid I thought it was the original complete. I appears to be but with human mutilation info with a computer voice narration added after the original. I can’t find the original by itself complete on YouTube. It seems to be here chopped up into four segments.

It’s good some are trying to sort through the bravo sierra and not clinging to simplistic explanations for the unknown and mysterious that surrounds us:

FK –  There are fakers and hoaxers in all realms. Religious fundamentalist ‘young-Earth creationists’ immediately come to mind.

UFO The Roswell Crash Startling New Evidence (full length TV ep)

FK – “…take our place as full and equal citizens in the galactic federation…”

Good luck with that. Guinea pigs we probably are and guinea pigs we shall probably remain for quite some time. With billions believing it’s OK that their god, that’s ‘their’ god, will burn the vast majority of humans who ever existed alive in fire forever we still exist in a very dark age and the human race has a lot of growing up to do.

8 potentially habitable alien worlds discovered – Spacing Out! Ep. 102

FK – Mach 9 has always been ‘possible’ along with a lot of other things…

FK – Longer interview footage from the second vid of Col. Corso:

FK – Allegedly the Soviets had their own ‘Area 51’ and also recovered downed craft.