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Sen. Rand Paul on CBS’ “Face the Nation” – March 12, 2017

FK – Bonehead was forced out. Can Ryan be forced out?

Let the republicrats destroy themselves and lose the house and senate in the next election cycle when fewer mush heads vote because there’s not a national savior running. Then we can prepare for the civil war that must result from all this.

But I guess I’m dreaming. This is no longer a nation of men. ‘Compromising’ with our native born domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies, is what got us into this mess.

The killer bees of fake news

Trump as click bait, and other things…

Is Aspirin Really That Good For You?

FK – As my VA doc said “It’s all chemistry.” So don’t eat too much tree bark.

Aspirin 101

Limit Use of Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack, FDA Says

FK – The ‘medical establishment’ often has it’s head as far up it’s rear as any other entity:

FK – I’ve watched about 2/3 of this on Netflix. Money over medicine, every time.

From what I’ve read and seen inflammation in the arteries, caused by the plaque, is the problem. But the inflammation is allegedly the cause of a lot of issues which is usually caused by a bad diet.

Is any of it safe?:

FK – Morning sun makes it harder to see my computer screen and my smart phone…

I usually stick to snake oil:

Building a Budget Trauma Kit

FK – In some surplus stores I’ve seen the issue kits go for 20 – 40 bucks.

Something I had no clue about:

FK – Most of the tourniquets I’ve seen didn’t all have that stuff. Only one of mine has the red.

In case you have to:

FK – I keep one handy when I’m cutting wood with a chainsaw.

A different version:

FK – The time can also be written on the skin.

We need to apply that ‘neck tourniquet’ to most of our politicians.

What should I do if I get shot?

There are a wealth of resources available, but I would like to add this.

It may seem daunting, like being a surgeon, but projectile wounds that don’t break bones are mostly plumbing and ventilation. Stop the leaks, keep the pressure up, get expert help ASAP.

For a bleed, apply everything you can at once – direct pressure, arterial pressure, and elevation.

Elevation may be all you have in a groin or internal wound. The worst casualty I ever evacuated had survived almost three hours with both legs crushed flat, simply because he was hanging upside down in rubble.

I call this the “teapot effect” put the hole at the highest point to keep the tea in. If it is a lung wound where the threat is respiration, you put the wound down to let fluids out of the chest.

FK – This is a question on Quora, with some interesting responses…

One possible alternative: