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The Cure We Forgot

FK – So you didn’t say what you want to replace our current ‘cage’ with.

The science that did so much good in the past has been captured by the enemies of human kind, the haters of human Liberty and those who only seek control or profit or both. It has been politically corrected, from using the partial truth of ‘climate change’ to enslave us all to declaring that birth defects and mental illnesses are no longer ‘sins’ but ‘happy, healthy and normal’ our current cage is causing our brains to rot like so much badly stored citrus.

We exist as always in a very dangerous time and few see it, in fact most turn away at every opportunity, clinging to their authority provided ignorance in false hope of Earthly or heavenly salvation when neither has ever came before and likely never will. It’s up to that tiny minority as always to stand up and shout “NO! Hell no! We’re not doing it that way anymore!”

Waking up is hard to do

‘Bust up’ conservatives: Feds thrust lesbians into farming

FK – Just more insanity in an insane world by an insane species that daily proves it’s still very primitive.

Will a cure for this insanity ever be found?:

FK – Which further begs the question of why the PTAWTB want so badly, or are being forced, to shove the CFR witch into the now red house.

There are certainly more affable charismatic attractive tools they could’ve dug up at any graveyard.

Are we ready no matter which tool wins?

Chemtrails: Experimenting on the Public

FK – As I’ve been writing for a while now: They consider us to be livestock.

Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again…MSM Stays Silent

FK – Looks like for big Ag like big Pharma we are their bottom line, their ‘human resources’ to be discarded once our usefulness has expired.

His show notes.

Monsanto to face ‘tribunal’ in The Hague for ‘damage to human health and environment’

Widely Used Herbicide Linked to Cancer

FK – I don’t blindly trust big ag but one wonders how many of these ‘activists’ have spent any time in the hot sun with a hoe.

FK – If we have to return to earlier agricultural practices we could use welfare recipients. Send them to Iowa and Illinois cornfields with a hoe and a wheelbarrow for cow manure.

Will Speaker Ryan Heed Pelosi’s Call for More Gun Control?

Within the next few days, Congress will consummate a deal on the massive “omnibus” appropriations bill to fund all discretionary functions of the government.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is widely reported to be crafting a deal which would pass the bill with Democratic votes — in lieu of conservative pro-gun Republicans.

In particular, Pelosi is demanding that Congress remove “boilerplate” text which has existed for twenty years — language that prevents the use of taxpayer dollars for “junk science” government studies in support of gun control.

According to The Hill this weekend, while many Republicans are balking at Pelosi’s request, some have indicated that they are willing to engage in some horse-trading on this issue, and “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has declined to take a position” at all.

We saw on Sunday how newspapers like the New York Times use fraudulent “studies” from anti-gun nuts like the “Violence Policy Center” — and then pretend how these Leftist kooks are “unbiased.”

Imagine how much worse this would be if liberal Obama-controlled government agencies began pushing these same corrupt anti-gun “analyses.”

Remember, there’s a reason that Congress de-funded this research in the first place.

ACTION:  Please click here to urge your Representatives to vote against any version of the “omnibus” spending bill that would allow fraudulent anti-gun “junk science” studies by Obama’s government agencies.

FK – Looks like bonehead was replaced by a peckerhead with kneepads.

We might be needing this:

FK – I was told about the govt. dumping jeeps and other things in the ocean after WWII partly because they auto makers didn’t want the competition.

GunTV Offers Live Shopping for Weapons


Chart of the day: More guns, less gun violence between 1993 and 2013

FK – A couple of our congress critters are worth their salaries. Here’s one:

FK – Don’t give them any ideas…

At least he’s attacking our real enemies and not talking about building a North Amerikan iron curtain.

Inside The Most Dangerous Place In The Planet, Fukushima Exclusion Zone

FK – Have you been to the area around Chernobyl? The wildlife there seems to be doing well outside of some deformations. But then all I know is what I’ve seen on docs.

I’m not defending the Jap govt. or Nuclear power. I don’t pretend to know how it could be made ‘safe’ if that’s even possible. But Hiroshima and Nagasaki to my knowledge are thriving cities. Don’t know what the health issues are there now if any.

Hero or Villian? 5 Things You Should Know About Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus. Native American killer. Greedy gold hunter. Evil personified. Man who wore tights fabulously.

Did your ancestors immigrate from Europe or Asia? Does your past include the evils of slavery? Either way, if not for Columbus – you might not be living in America today. And did you ever stop to think about if a French explorer had gotten here first? You could be living in Canada 2.0…and eating snails. But you’re not. You’re welcome, America.

Sure, Christopher Columbus had his faults. The man wasn’t perfect. He wanted to make money. He wanted to make a name for himself. He killed Native Americans. He collected humans as property – an incredible evil accepted by society of his day. He wore pantaloons. So can anyone really say Christopher Columbus was a hero?

Here’s 5 reasons why we say “yes”:

FK – From things I’ve read over the years it’s likely the Phoenicians and much later the Portuguese and other traders made it to ‘america.’ Columbus was the first ‘official govt. sponsored’ explorer, kinda like Lewis and Clark. He didn’t really discover the new lands he just planted the flag and opened them for business.

A link from the comments:

Debunking Lies About Columbus: The Story Of Francisco de Bobadilla

Expert: Vaccines Are Undeniably Unsafe

FK – Does the medical tech exist to determine who is vulnerable to these issues/complications?

Possible Side-effects from Vaccines

Is MY Child at Risk for Vaccine-Injury?

FK – Follow the money, or as they say: ‘funding is control.’

Measles is GOOD for YOU?

FK – What was it Linus used to say?: “What’s a little rubella among friends?”

How Dangerous Is Lyme Disease?

FK – Wish I had a $10 bill for every tick I ever pulled off myself. They are far more numerous in recent years but seem to be down this year. The ‘turkey mites’ or tick nymphs are a far greater concern to me, since it can take days for the itching to end. The fastest way to deal with that is to use flea and tick shampoo after time outdoors and  to pop the little itchy bumps like a zit to get the fluid out. This usually makes them stop itching and dry up.

Lyme Disease Bacteria Older than the Human Race

Iceman May Hold Earliest Evidence of Lyme Disease

Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of Lyme disease


UN Climate Czar Reveals Depopulation Agenda!!!

FK – I’m not defending the Marxist trash that we should be hunting but their words don’t equal killing sheeple or people off. But I must agree with them that there are too many so-called humans(loosely defined) walking around.

We could probably feed billions more but who the hell wants to exist like that? We should be working on birth control and education and putting factories and stores in these ‘developing’ countries while keeping real jobs here with real wages. Sorry, NAFTA that was passed by ‘the party of the little man’ and signed by ‘our first black president’ in the 90s took care of that.

It might be cheaper than bombing them and within a few generations or so when their kids forget about allah and yahweh and the assorted mythologies that tell the ignorant to ‘populate the Earth because you’re gonna get beamed up soon but pay your taxes and send your spawn to the government schools’ the people who are here might figure out how to have real lives instead of living in squalor or wasting 50 weeks a year going to some corporate shithole that demands they tolerate being treated like jackasses.

Look at it this way, more sheeple means more ignorant voters.

How Common Are Gay Animals?

FK – Many birth defects and mental illnesses are ‘part of nature.’ That doesn’t make it ‘happy, healthy and normal.’

My female puppy often mounts my male dog. Doesn’t mean she won’t have puppies if I don’t get her fixed. But I suppose the fruits and nuts would want to take her for a sex change instead. Livestock do the same thing. They still breed normally.

Oh good grief. Many female animals raise their young on their own. That’s no reason to destroy the nuclear family. Studies years ago showed, and common sense dictates, human children are better off with two competent parents of the opposite sex. Time to stop lying for this propaganda war.

Time to wake up and grow up folks. Time to take this out of the ‘culture war’ and look for cures and preventions for these sick people.

The other side of this insane coin:

Where Is the Church Headed Now—And should we resist the trip?

In another article on http://www.standupfortruth.com Rob Bell is noted as part of the Emergent Church movement, which the article describes this way: “The Emergent Church movement is a progressive Christian movement that attempts to reduce or eliminate Christian doctrine in favor of experience and feelings. Most do not believe man can know what is absolute truth, and believe God must be experienced outside of traditional biblical doctrines.” This is just another version of “if it feels good do it.” No doctrine, no absolute truth, just experience and feeling. These people are the Transcendentalists of the 21st century. Emerson and Thoreau would have loved them! The article notes some of the leaders of this movement—among whom are Rob Bell and Rick Warren (“whom many of these leaders point to as their inspiration for the Emergent Movement.”) Does this help you to understand why Warren’s name was linked with Obama’s during the 2008 presidential farce?

It would seem that the arrogance and egotism of some of these apostates (and that’s what they are) knows no ends. In a brief article on http://www.beginningandend.com the following was noted: “In a stunning sign of the growing apostasy—the rise of the false church in Christianity that no longer treats the Bible as its final authority, Reverend Oliver White of Grace Community United Church, came on the radio show of Fox News Host Sean Hannity to proclaim that Jesus Christ was ‘wrong’ on the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage. White, speaking for Jesus Christ, said, with respect to the issue of gay marriage no longer being a sin: ‘If Jesus were alive today, I think he would be more inclined to say: you know, I didn’t know it all’…” There’s a photo of Rev. White at the top of this article holding what appears to be a big Bible—but then, with Rev. White’s attitude toward Jesus, maybe it’s really an enlarged version of The Humanist Manifesto. Here’s a man who thinks he knows more than Jesus Christ. Another 21st century Transcendentalist! Who says Unitarianism, Transcendentalism, and all the other unholy “isms” died in the 19th century? Some of them may have taken a little breather, but they are back, alive and well today and their practitioners are back, fooling another generation of “useful idiots” who have never read their church history anymore than they have their American history and so they continue to make grandiose pronouncements while not knowing upside down from inside out.

FK – Well now I know what I am, and a proud one at that. Though not the same kind as those listed above. I didn’t ‘turn away’ in the name of communism but because I recognize the modern mainstream versions(interpretations) are a dangerous threat to Human Liberty and the Bill of Rights because they lead the so-called ‘good people’ to sit on their asses and wait for the world to end when they should be fighting for their freedom and their country like their oft-mentioned ‘christian'(loosely defined) Founding Fathers did. Sigh.

Yes, the bible, concurrently 3000-year-old tribal propaganda and 1500-year-old official Catholic Church doctrine, politically determined in the name of reducing religious conflict because their savior couldn’t be bothered to write his own book or at least hire a secretary so his followers wouldn’t kill millions over whose version, sub-version or subversion is right, clearly frowns on ‘homosexuality.’

Common sense says the ancients probably built up this dislike because of disease, the desire for reproduction among their desert tribes and simple disgust for something most of them didn’t understand. But then the monks,  priests, whatever that normally write and edit such texts based on their own personal ideas of ‘right and wrong’ aren’t usually much for tolerating anyone who doesn’t want to exist within their version of reality, morality or normality. Always been that way and sadly probably always will.