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Stossel: Silk Road Founder Jailed, Drug Sales Up

FK – Obviously this guy got the same railroad treatment anyone who’s made an example of gets. You’re afraid to report on all of those right?

Too bad he didn’t understand the one failure of ‘Libertarian’ thought: That we will NEVER escape the need for government force, since all govt. is force and voting is the most violent act anyone can participate in.

Libertarians fail to see it’s not just the govt. that’s the problem. When I go to waste my time in exchange for money just because I’m poor and have to have an income and get treated like a jackass and kicked to the curb once my health no longer allows me to keep up with the ‘numbers’ or expectations of whatever facility I’m forced by my economic condition to attend every day ‘Libertarians’ seem to have no problem with it.

They just tell me to ‘relocate’ or ‘get another job.’ The problem is not my non-willingness or ability to move but the fact that any employer is allowed to treat their ‘human resources’ like screwdrivers or jackasses.

And yes, this is tied in to this issue. I had to submit body fluids yesterday so I could go waste my time in exchange for money for a different corporation. It’s not just the govt. that fears the sheeple developing independent minds or lives not dependent on the globo corporate structure.

Ulbricht probably just failed to pay off the right assholes or didn’t use the right banksters to launder his money, assuming he had any. Or he was simply competition for the wrong drug dealers.

The ‘drug war’ like the ‘war on terror’ and the soon to be ‘war on pedophiles’ or whatever witch hunt they dream up next in the name of profit for all involved would not exist if the right assholes on all sides weren’t profiting from it. Simple fact.

it’s not about some false morality or ‘saving the children.’ It’s about the money.

We should be able to buy and use whatever chemicals we need for health reasons. No govt. or corporation has the right to tell us what we can or can’t put in our bodies.

If some numbnut shows up at work drunk or high then give him a test and fire him if truly guilty. They have no right to do so otherwise. They certainly have NO right at all to fire/hire based on what we do or don’t do on our off time. THEY DON’T OWN US!

They don’t call us ‘human resources’ and ‘consumers’ and treat us like products on the net because they respect us as human beings.

A modern 10 commandments

So which sites have stayed open through all this and who or what owns them? The CIA maybe? The Federal Bureau of Instigators?

What was it Stalin said about ideas?

This is all distraction. We should be hanging our corporate commie globalists not keeping up with the latest scandal or waiting for the world to end.

What can I do?

As our ancestors conquered we must be ready to defend or we will be conquered. Or maybe we already have been.

Why are we pushing democracy when we’ve lost our Liberty?

“Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx

The patriot newbie guidebook

So when will the republicrats repeal the 16th amendment and the evil gun laws and pass a constitutional amendment to ban socialism?

Why are we REFORMING COMMUNISM? WHY is NO ONE asking WHY we HAVE an income tax?

Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

The most important things to do

The only real reason for the militia

A few things that might matter, or ‘The Basics’ part two

A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”

What’s the ultimate question?

They consider us to be livestock. All they do must be assessed with that fact in mind.

AT&T Calls for Legislation to Prevent Unfair Censorship on Google, Facebook

AT&T called for an “Internet Bill of Rights” and argued that Facebook and Google should also be subjected to rules that would prevent unfair censorship on their platforms.

AT&T, one of the largest telecommunications companies, called for Congress to enact an “Internet Bill of Rights” which would subject Facebook, Google, and other content providers to rules that would prevent unfair censorship on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast or AT&T as well as content providers such as Facebook and Google.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson wrote, Congressional action is needed to establish an ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ that applies to all internet companies and guarantees neutrality, transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection for all internet users.”

Stephenson posted the ad in the New York Times, Washington Post, and other national news outlets on Wednesday.

FK – Probably a setup. They likely want to introduce a weak ‘internet bill of rights’ that wouldn’t really protect anything but the corporate commie globalist elites.

See ‘United Nations Human Rights’ or whatever they call it. Let’s them write any ‘law’ they want or target whatever or whomever they want.

In a free country there’s no such thing as a group or individual whose motives can’t be questioned. If we have that we have a serious problem. We have many.

Why can’t we just ban global commies for starters? They don’t belong in this country regardless of what cute names they call themselves.

This was all easy to see coming. What was once patriot domain in the early days of the net will be ‘mainstreamed’ and all dissenters of whatever flavor swept off into some dark corner the average dumbass sheeple will fear to tread, or not even be aware of its existence.

Will Google re-mainstream the net?

If someone tells me they blindly trust any source I know I’m dealing with a child.

The killer bees of fake news

Who deserves to vote?

How The Silk Road TERRIFIED The Global Establishment – The Free Ross Campaign with Lyn Ulbricht

FK – Good question, why isn’t algore in prison? Answer: There are no men in this country.

So why aren’t the Trump voters melting the phone lines to congress and their savior over this and many, many other issues?

Oh, yeah….

The murderers of the Branch Davidians have never faced justice and likely never will.


Some more background on this:

FK – We’re definitely in a repressive regime so we should all be on TOR. Wait. the govt. built it, with algore’s help no doubt, so could it EVER be trusted?

Welcome to a nation of morons

What does ‘We the People’ actually mean?

It means we are responsible…

We have a representative republic, guaranteed to every state, not a democracy.

We have a Bill of Rights that acknowledges rights we are born with, not granted or created by any government.

We vote with the knowledge that voting is the most violent act anyone can participate in because voting is electing someone to hire someone to stick a government gun in our neighbors’ faces and force our version of reality on them at the threat of their very lives.

We stand ready to protect our Liberty and the Liberty of our neighbors, not destroy it, via any version of authoritarianism, of any age or place.

We are prepared with knowledge and force of arms to make war against and kill if necessary those who would destroy our Bill of Rights whether they represent domestic or foreign enemies.

We do not lie to ourselves, our families, our friends, our business associates, our descendants, our enemies, about these things and do not EVER tolerate those who would have us do so.

If the troops were fighting for our freedom they’d all be here.

A new birth of Liberty, or death


FK – Pathetic cowards that hold the mentality of “I’ll end up in a concentration camp,” deserve to be there.

Your stuff is usually on my sub page, along with all the other ‘extremists.’ The European peasants who came over here were partly trying to escape forced ‘allegiance’ to a ‘lord’ or king.

Think about it. We have many today who would bow down to a ‘savior’ that promised to wave a magic wand and solve all their problems for them. Oh wait, see last year.

The rich always seek to make themselves the new royalty, blue bloods, class that must be obeyed and can’t be questioned. Now we just call them CEOs and billionaires and ‘community organizers.’

Google’s Eric Schmidt: Fake News Can Be Detected

Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt: We ‘can’t guarantee’ ads won’t appear next to offensive content

The killer bees of fake news

Will Google re-mainstream the net?

More rhetoric without action:

FK – How long have we had the internet? 20 years plus. There’s no excuse for the evil they do. Have the klintons changed? A large percentage of them never will. Their arrogance/hubris will not permit it. Large numbers of them will have to be ejected or eradicated. Time to wake up and grow up and put on the big boy pants.

When a tool-using monkey has committed itself to a false belief system to the point it’s willing to kill you over it nothing will move it but force.

Maybe now Belushi can stop rolling in his grave:

FK – Gee, SNL is finally funny again, after 30+ years.

The patriot newbie guidebook