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Brit says “Hello Angry Losers” to Brexit whiners

FK – Your ‘democracy’ is a lie and what got you in the mess you’re in. “Establishing democracy is the first step in the revolution.” – Karl Marx

Many, that you wouldn’t dare listen to, could have told you to stay out of the EU in first place. Like the UN it’s a Marxist globalist creation.

“It’s as if Europe is being run by our enemies…” Uh, no, it IS being ran by the enemies of human Liberty. And they will have to be hunted to extinction to rid us of them. Nothing you say to most of them will make any difference. They will still be lying when hell thaws out again.

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

FK – From his list of links:

Is this the end of democracy?

“Members of parliament are much better informed than the public as a whole, and they recognise their decisions have real weight.”

FK – Apparently this cat has never sat in on a legislative committee hearing. But then it’s a Marxist lying for a Marxist rag and of course excluding a lot of information, like what a ‘liberal’ is(commie trash).

But I have to agree with the professor on who should vote, but for vastly different reasons. If they don’t understand human Liberty and limited govt. they don’t need to vote.

Who deserves to vote?

Feel the Bern? There’s a Cure.

FK – Is this really a war of ideals or something else?

Here in Kentucky most factory workers don’t make 15 bucks an hour. It’s probably the same over much of the south. What matters is what the money can buy and how much time the average employee has to waste to ‘earn’ it vs. having time for something that approaches being a real life.

If the “Liberal”(commie) trash want to ‘help’ the common folk why do they work so hard to disarm them?

FK – Sorry I missed this one earlier. Good advice to a point. Some of them can be converted, if they’re not faking. I’m convinced many of them are buying weapons and ammo so they can fight back against the ‘wing nuts.’ Not all of them are brain dead pacifists. Many know full well the evil they do and that their pacifism is false. They’re counting on the police and military they profess to hate so much to do their dirty work for them. Their kind killed 200 million in the 20th century alone and they’re probably not finished.

I prefer to use them as target stands.