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APRIL Enigma: The Date When Bad Things Happen 4/15/17

FK – The most important April event: Patriots Day, the day they shot back. It’s our nation’s true birthday and should be a national holiday and celebrated more than the fourth.

The surrender of the Confederacy was indeed a sorrowful event. It allowed the radical Republicans, who were the ‘big govt.’ advocates of our day, to turn our nation into an empire. Read “The Real Lincoln.”

At least you mentioned tax day, the day millions file forms they’re not legally required to file for an amendment that was never ratified by enough states to become law:

Freedom Above Fortune

The Law That Never Was

And you missed the early April tornado outbreak of the early 70s.

The first guy to ever run a marathon dropped dead. Which may be why I never had any desire to participate in one.

If world war III(or whichever number we’re really on now) happens it may very well be due to this insanity.

But we’ll forgive you. You young fellers can’t be expected to know everything.

The killer bees of fake news

Nothing to do with Islam

FK – What group/party passed the laws that allowed this to happen? What group/party told you Brits to turn your guns into the govt. rendering you defenseless slaves? Who are your real enemies?

It’s way past time for you Brits to do what will be required.

He has several links with this vid, like this one:

Third of Brits Too Scared to Speak out on Immigration and Religion

FK – That’s because the cowardly Brits didn’t start killing their “Liberal”(commie) trash, their real domestic enemies, when they were told to surrender their personal weapons. Now they fully deserve whatever is done to them.