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Woman Issued a White Baby Challenge, Gets Nothing but Hate

FK – If you recognize that ‘they’ consider us to be livestock regardless of skin color then you can understand what they’re doing.

If I could snap my fingers and trade every white-skinned piece of “Liberal”(commie/globalist) trash(our greatest enemies) for anyone of any color who wanted to come here and live in Liberty I’d wear them out snapping them. Other races are capable of understanding Liberty, it’s just that most, as well as most whites, don’t bother or they are the result of thousands of years of the submissive surviving to breed.

Lot’s of ‘whites’ supported and killed for both Stalin and Hitler, evil sides of the same multifaceted coin, the human nature that includes the busybody gene that doesn’t allow many to exist without trying to force their version, sub-version or subversion of reality on those around them at the point of a govt. gun.

We need to plant Wal Marts, factories and smart phone stores in all these un-developed countries and within a couple generations they’ll mostly forget about allah, or whatever insane version their culture indoctrinates them in. A lot of it truly is ‘blowback.’ Our CIA has been working for decades to overthrow and destabilize these other cultures. See my first sentence.

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No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

UN Climate Czar Reveals Depopulation Agenda!!!

FK – I’m not defending the Marxist trash that we should be hunting but their words don’t equal killing sheeple or people off. But I must agree with them that there are too many so-called humans(loosely defined) walking around.

We could probably feed billions more but who the hell wants to exist like that? We should be working on birth control and education and putting factories and stores in these ‘developing’ countries while keeping real jobs here with real wages. Sorry, NAFTA that was passed by ‘the party of the little man’ and signed by ‘our first black president’ in the 90s took care of that.

It might be cheaper than bombing them and within a few generations or so when their kids forget about allah and yahweh and the assorted mythologies that tell the ignorant to ‘populate the Earth because you’re gonna get beamed up soon but pay your taxes and send your spawn to the government schools’ the people who are here might figure out how to have real lives instead of living in squalor or wasting 50 weeks a year going to some corporate shithole that demands they tolerate being treated like jackasses.

Look at it this way, more sheeple means more ignorant voters.