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Are Humans Alien Hybrids? Maybe WE (Humans) ARE The Aliens? Were Humans Created by Aliens?

FK – I only have to think back over the various election outcomes I’ve witnessed to understand we are biological robots made from tool using monkeys that were designed to be slaves. That and the submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time.

We are born into a mysterious universe(s) full of morons and that’s not likely to change for many generations if ever.

Who deserves to vote?

Maybe there’s stuff in our DNA ‘they’ don’t think we’re ready to deal with yet, like the entire history of reality…(see next vid)

All dogs are the result of human interaction. Watch the doc on Russian Silver Foxes and how they change within a couple generations of domestication(see vid below).

A lot to most c-sections are unnecessary, it’s just faster and more profitable for the hospitals.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they later say “We didn’t understand DNA the way we thought we did and we let a lot of real criminals go free because of ‘DNA evidence.'”

Mainstream scientists don’t even know for sure how the moon got here and they bluff about a lot of crap so they can get a paycheck or a grant.

I don’t ‘believe.’ I think there is evidence for ‘alien’ presence here probably predating human civilization. I didn’t learn that from the History Channel crap. If someone tells me they put blind faith in any source I know I’m dealing with a child.

The ‘scientists’ don’t even know what our DNA knows:

FK – Maybe we’re a backup for something we’re not yet allowed to understand.

See the fox run:

FK – It makes sense that humans developed a hunter/scavenger relationship with wild canines and over time selected for the best hunters/herders whatever. This isn’t rocket science. This doesn’t disprove Darwin it only shows adaptation which most any farmer/breeder can tell you about.

And apparently they aren’t cheap. I love this breeder’s analysis of human/animal behavior.

How Do We Know Who Our Human Ancestors Were?

FK – Whenever I go into a public bathroom stall and see where some so-called adult human male has urinated on the commode seat I have no problem with the idea that I have cousins that are gorillas.

FK – He looks like he just saw his daughters first boyfriend…

New human-like species discovered in S Africa

New researchers continue the search for the ancient missing city of Atlantis

Many scholars think Plato invented the story of Atlantis as a way to present his philosophical theories. But Adams argues we need to play closer attention to his work.

“The story appears between The Republic, which is arguably the most influential work in Western civilization, and the Timaeus, which is Plato’s attempt to explain the universe and is one of the most influential books certainly in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,” he says. “In between those two works, you’ve got the story of Atlantis. Obviously it meant something to Plato. Exactly what it meant, I don’t think we can tell.”

He continues: “Why would Plato insert [the story] at the beginning of the Timaeus, which is a very, very important work for him? To me it doesn’t make any sense, and he also repeatedly says, ‘This is a true story, this is a true story, this is a true story.’ Whether he is saying that ironically, we can’t tell from this vantage point.”

Plato said the story of Atlantis had ancient roots — even for his time. It was an oral tradition passed down to him from his ancestors who had first acquired the tale from Egyptian hieroglyphics.

FK – We were born into a world of mysteries and will likely die in a multitude of universes of mysteries. We are not the first nor the last and there is nothing new under the sun.


FK – I don’t doubt there are higher intelligences that don’t have our best interests at heart. If someone or something is threatening to torture you it doesn’t love you, it doesn’t like you, it considers you to be a slave. Our slave mentality and our blind faith is part of what’s holding us back.