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GOP Threatens to Remove Gun Grabbing Governors Protective Detail

FK – How can so many cowards be crammed into one country?

FK – A nation of cowards deserves what’s coming.

Will Speaker Ryan Heed Pelosi’s Call for More Gun Control?

Within the next few days, Congress will consummate a deal on the massive “omnibus” appropriations bill to fund all discretionary functions of the government.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is widely reported to be crafting a deal which would pass the bill with Democratic votes — in lieu of conservative pro-gun Republicans.

In particular, Pelosi is demanding that Congress remove “boilerplate” text which has existed for twenty years — language that prevents the use of taxpayer dollars for “junk science” government studies in support of gun control.

According to The Hill this weekend, while many Republicans are balking at Pelosi’s request, some have indicated that they are willing to engage in some horse-trading on this issue, and “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has declined to take a position” at all.

We saw on Sunday how newspapers like the New York Times use fraudulent “studies” from anti-gun nuts like the “Violence Policy Center” — and then pretend how these Leftist kooks are “unbiased.”

Imagine how much worse this would be if liberal Obama-controlled government agencies began pushing these same corrupt anti-gun “analyses.”

Remember, there’s a reason that Congress de-funded this research in the first place.

ACTION:  Please click here to urge your Representatives to vote against any version of the “omnibus” spending bill that would allow fraudulent anti-gun “junk science” studies by Obama’s government agencies.

FK – Looks like bonehead was replaced by a peckerhead with kneepads.

We might be needing this:

FK – I was told about the govt. dumping jeeps and other things in the ocean after WWII partly because they auto makers didn’t want the competition.

GunTV Offers Live Shopping for Weapons


Chart of the day: More guns, less gun violence between 1993 and 2013

FK – A couple of our congress critters are worth their salaries. Here’s one:

FK – Don’t give them any ideas…

At least he’s attacking our real enemies and not talking about building a North Amerikan iron curtain.