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The Video That SHOULD Infuriate EVERY Cop!!

FK – They should be standing on the side of the Bill of Rights, that document they took an oath to uphold, not on the side of their version of ‘just-us.’ The black-robed shysters, prosecutors and legislators hold equal blame.

What to teach your kids

Cecil the Lion’s Killer Goes Free, Leftists Roar with Rage…

Amidst calls for common sense bow and arrow reform (LOLWUT), the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion will not be charged for murder. Apparently he had all the proper paperwork to go hunting, and there was never anything illegal going on in the first place. Put plainly, this never should’ve been a story. Go figure.

Zimbabwe will not charge U.S. dentist for killing Cecil the lion

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions

FK – The freaks in this country have lost their effing minds. But that’s assuming they had any to begin with. Their mindless blood lust far exceeds that of any hunter.


Chile’s UFO Video and the Roswell Slides – Open Minds UFO Report

FK – Not that I disbelieve the pilot but showing him with a pix of the Marxist mutt doesn’t help his case.

Do pilots believe in UFOs? Many of them do and here is my close encounter story

FK – See the comments.

Our science has the same problem our religion has, both are human centric. Both notions are absurd. If the universe(s) is/are ancient and if there’s life ‘out there’ and if we’re in a younger portion of the universe and if other intelligent species evolved or were ‘created’ in other places who’s to say we’re not someone’s side project, existing in some dimensional bubble that doesn’t allow us to see who or what else is really out there because they don’t want us to or don’t think we’re ready yet?