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You Are Powerful And We Are Winning

FK – So when will the hundredth monkey pick up a rock and cast it at the right head?

The most important things to do

Seth Rich Proves The Swamp Is Too Deep To Drain

FK – It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s purpose is to placate ‘the right’ and try to avert a true ‘civil war’ that the elites know they couldn’t win.

And Info wars and other ‘alt right’ YouTubers need to get way from the evil Google and create their own video site that will attract the brain dead sheeple and expose them to reality.

Trump as click bait, and other things…

Who deserves to vote?

The killer bees of fake news

Facebook & Google: The New Faces of Big Brother

FK – This won’t work unless the average dumbass gets off google, youtube and fakebook with the rest of us.

Their obvious goal is to sweep us off to some dark corner of the net where the sheeple will be afraid to tread because the authorities warned them about ‘those extremists.’

The Imperative of Replacing Google and Facebook

The killer bees of fake news

Who deserves to vote?

As they’re doing with mainstream weaponvision:

ABC Accused of Playing Politics In Canceling Tim Allen Hit ‘Last Man Standing’

ABC Besieged by Boycott Calls After Cancelation of Conservative Tim Allen’s Hit Show

FK – Gee, are ‘conservatives’ finally learning to stand up to the propaganda stream? Pity they don’t really understand what they’re really up against or what will be required to fix this mess if it can be fixed.

If Allen supported Kasich in the primaries he’s not a ‘conservative.’

Obama’s Propaganda Legalized And Expanding

FK – Gee, I thought they were already doing this. Hollyweird stars were doing propaganda flicks during WWII…

This was done two years ago. I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in the scat flow. But then I rarely watch or listen to ‘the mainstream.’

Propaganda Ban Repealed As Government Made News Floods U.S.

Smith-Mundt reform: In with a whimper?

FK – What the hell is National Propaganda Radio? We’ve had commie propaganda streamed across the county via taxpayer funded outlets and the mainstream newswhores for decades.

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans

US ends ban on ‘domestic propaganda’

The US Government Asked Sony to Help Counter ISIS Propaganda

FK – You gotta love this part:

But ambassadors and State Department officials aren’t the only public servants that Lynton was close with. In one instance, Lynton had a dinner engagement with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, according to an email titled “Personal: Dinner” apparently sent by Kristen Jarvis, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff.

“The President and First lady are delighted that you will be joining them for dinner tomorrow evening,” Jarvis wrote. “Cocktails are at 630pm and dinner will be served at 730pm. Please let me know if you have any food allergies, etc, so I can alert the chefs.”

FK – My ‘chef’ will tell ya’ to bring your own lunch.

I’m not sure why they’re going to the trouble. Google is mainstreaming the net and will soon just plug us all in at birth:

Why Google Is the New Evil Empire

FK – Make sure you read that one. This new ’empire’ must be brought down:

FK – When the net was new it was largely patriot types, for there was nowhere else for us to go. Now  they are sweeping us, the real Americans, into a dark corner that will eventually be extinguished.

Citizen Journalist Thrown Out of City Council Receives $200,000 Settlement

In a victory that should be celebrated by journalists and activists alike, Citizen Journalist Nydia Tisdale announced a settlement with the Mayor and the Chief of Police in Cumming, GA from her Federal lawsuit that was getting ready to go to trial in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Tisdale had filed a    complaint after she was was banned from filming Cumming City Council meeting on April 17, 2012.

Nydia Tisdale settles lawsuit against Cumming Mayor Gravitt

FK – The First Amendment doesn’t contain the words ‘press pass.’