T-Files: The Last Card

FK – Ever seen this?:


If Eisenhower really met with an alien ambassador as some claim, or if the elites have, maybe they’re simply acting under orders, at the risk of their own lives?

In the Bible it says something about Jesus or whatever coming and ruling with a ‘rod of iron.’ Doesn’t sound any better than an alien invasion to me.

No, I’m not defending the elites, and certainly not claiming the aliens or whatever are here to save us. We may be nothing more than livestock to them. We’d probably better hope they consider us to be a nature preserve.

Greer et al tend to speak of the others as ‘here to help us’ and provide us with technology to solve our problems. This is naive and childish. Think in terms of a galaxy full of Earth like planets full of beings with competing interests, an ocean of life. Some of ‘them’ may have our best interests at heart, others not so.

If the watchers decide to announce themselves in such a way that the average dumbass can’t ignore their reality any more, what would that do to global society? All the groups and sub-groups would try to use the new ‘reality’ for their own purposes and their propaganda would take on ‘universal’ elements and our cultures might even collapse from the pressure.

The religions would simply re-invent themselves or find a verse that says this was the reality all along and the simple-minded will go along with it while tithing to pay for missionaries to go ‘save’ the poor ‘lost’ little grey men. Then a TV preacher can buy a multi-trillion dollar starship.

Their tech is so far advanced of ours that many would consider them to be gods. We’re still a very primitive species existing in a very dark age after all, when billions think it’s perfectly OK that their sadistic asshole of a god is going to burn the vast majority of the human race that ever existed alive in fire forever, and knew billions of years before he created them that would be their fate.

I actually heard a radio preacher saying that recently. So most aren’t ready for any reality that’s not Earth/human centered.

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