Survey suggests Seattle anti-gunners out of touch with American majority

As tomorrow’s 125th anniversary of Washington statehood looms, along with the Veteran’s Day observance, results of a new Gallup survey have been getting headlines because it shows the majority of Americans think they are safer with guns in the home, an idea frequently disdained by many of the people who pushed through Initiative 594.

Some of them may quietly believe their homes are safer; it’s just that they don’t want to share the right to be safe with the rubes. Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg have 24/7 security but average citizens are on their own. That may explain the results of the recent Gallup poll now being discussed at The Blaze and other publications.

According to Gallup, more than six of every ten Americans feel safer with guns in the home. Only three out of ten people think guns make the home more dangerous.

The survey results also show something else. According to Gallup, “Republicans (81%) are about twice as likely as Democrats (41%) to believe having a gun improves home safety. About half of Democrats say having a gun makes a home a more dangerous place to be.”


The people who created Washington State 125 years ago were a hardy lot, and far more self-reliant than the generations that have recently followed. They incorporated into the state constitution one of the strongest protections for the individual right to bear arms of any state; so strong that when Arizona gained statehood in 1912, it adopted the same provision, word-for-word.

One is compelled to wonder what someone from the statehood generation might say about being required to check the background of a neighboring homesteader, or a fellow logger before loaning that person a rifle to shoot a deer for the larder. That might be an educational conversation.

As first reported by this column yesterday, The Gun Wire is now back up and running. Be sure to visit the site and check it out.

FK – My posted comments:

One might wonder how quickly our pioneer and settler ancestors would spit on us for not already doing what will be required.

The Second Amendment needs to be explained better if not re-written. Try this:

The right of the people to overthrow or prevent tyrannical or authoritarian government by force of individually owned arms, purchased or manufactured without government permission or taxes levied or paid, equal to or superior to those commonly carried by soldiers, marines, sailors or militia members of any fighting force in the world shall not be brought into question. The right of the people to protect themselves from criminals in government, or any institution that may seek authority over them or from any common street criminal shall not be brought into question. Those elected, hired or appointed public servants who do question this proclamation and/or the people’s natural, most basic right, that all our other rights are based upon, that of self defense, shall be arrested, tried for treason and executed.

There’s so such thing as a good ‘gun law.’ All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more control with total civilian disarmament being the final objective thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against human Liberty and executed.