Sugar Pine Mine – Oath Keepers Public Information Officer Interview

FK – When the war starts we won’t be shooting at spirits. Time to wake up and grow up and stop choosing from among ALL the forms of authoritarianism. Nobody’s gonna get beamed up.

Wow. Our Founders fought a bloody war to get us away from evil tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their subjects/slaves and said “Obey me or I’ll torture you and/or kill you.” Some of the Founders, the Anti-Federalists, insisted on a Bill of Rights that included an acknowledgement of our natural born right to not be cruelly or unusually punished yet billions don’t mind the idea that all those who don’t agree with their version, sub-version, or subversion deserve to be tortured alive in fire forever.

Believing it is condoning it. That’s how that works. The human race is still a very primitive species and we’re still existing in a very dark age.

FK – We need a miitia in every county in the country to deal with such evil as this. Sourced here.