Stevens’ view of Second Amendment: part denial, part grudge, all wrong?

Stevens was not simply on the losing side in the 5-4 high court ruling, his dissent was thoroughly demolished by Justice Antonin Scalia, who noted more than once in his majority opinion that the now-retired 93-year-old jurist was wrong and/or “flatly misreads the historical record” about the amendment. The entire opinion may be read here.

There is quite a lot of buzz in the firearms community about Stevens’ contention, that the amendment could be “fixed” to his satisfaction by adding the words “while serving in the militia” after “shall not be infringed.” One conversation on The High Road gun rights forum descended into name-calling and was locked by a moderator.

FK – My comments as posted(if they don’t include too much ‘name calling.’ It’s not ‘name calling’ if it’s true.):

I just read through the comments on the ‘high road’ page. Is calling “Liberal”(commie) trash a ‘doddering old fool’ really grounds for shutting down comments? Was something worse, I can’t imagine what, deleted? If not no wonder we’re still under our blood domestic enemies'(our greatest enemies who aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world) thumbs. So many on the so-called ‘right’ lack the brains, guts, spine, or balls to call the authoritarian trash what it is and treat it as it deserves to be treated. This country is dying from cowardice.

Wars are often fought on the low road, in the mud, grime and blood of history. That doesn’t mean you drop to their level but it does mean you don’t allow the trash to dictate what you say and/or do about it. When you do you submit to their slavery.

Don’t understand? Start here.