Star Trek Depicts Satan as Savior of Mankind in 1973 Animated Series Magicks of Megas-Tu Episode

FK – Governments always try to control religions, and vice versa. Both seek to manipulate their subjects and keep the slaves working.

I always enjoyed the old Star Trek. Watching the reruns on Sunday morning beat going to the indoctrination center where I was handed a guilt trip and little kids were told they deserved to be burned alive in fire forever. Let’s hope Roddenberry was right about that one point at least.

The ‘real’ Satan, whatever it was or is, may be just a less powerful sadistic asshole than the ‘christian’ god or it may be some alien or inter-dimensional entity that tried to tell the sheeple things their earthly or ‘heavenly’ rulers didn’t want them to know. We may never know for sure. That’s how history works. It’s usually written by the victors.

We need to be working toward a human future based in human Liberty, among the stars. This planet will someday undergo another cataclysm and shake us from its skin.

Time to wake up and grow up.