Shock verdict: GUILTY of Possessing Muzzleloader Bullets in D.C.

FK – The Comb’s incident happened several weeks back though I didn’t realize she had been such an idiot over it. Not sure if she’s a ‘good’ Democrat or a bad one. There are a few fairly ‘conservative’ ones in the Kentucky Legislature.

Your brain is your primary gun handling tool and your trigger finger is your primary safety. People with small hands need weapons that are designed for such and thus easier to manipulate. Some slides on some semi-automatics are hard to operate. Most modern weapons will not fire unless the trigger is depressed, even if dropped. Here’s my version of ‘gun safety.’

Here’s a decent vid made by some mainstream newswhores about some ‘highly trained’ police officers(There’s no embed code for the vid so the newswhores must not allow their vids to be posted on other sites. That’s a corporation for ya’, scared to death they might not get to shave a penny off someone else’s ass.):

The answer to the police chief is carelessness. Don’t pull a loaded weapon out to ‘show’ it or ‘look’ at it. Take it outside the gun shop and unload it in a safe direction then take it back inside, preferably with the slide open. Don’t pull it out loaded unless you have to use it…

Reminds me of a conversation with a gun shop owner several years back when Glocks were a slightly newer thing. His shop had plenty of 911s and I asked him if he had any Glocks. “I don’t allow them in the store,” he told me. “Too many cops have shot themselves with one….” or some such.

I just smiled at him, since I was carrying one concealed, and said “That tells me more about the cop than it does about the gun.” I’ll never forget how his wife smiled at that.