Sessions Warns Obama On “Exceedingly Dangerous” Executive Action

Congress and the American people “will not stand” for altering or suspending the nation’s immigration law by executive action, Senator Jeff Sessions (shown, R-Ala.) said in a Senate speech Monday, warning that the president is planning to lead the nation into “exceedingly dangerous waters.”

“Congress makes laws, the executive branch executes those laws. It’s that simple,” the three-term senator said in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor. Sessions warned of a constitutional crisis if President Obama follows through on his promise to act “without Congress” to achieve immigration reform.

“Such calculated action strains the constitutional structure of our republic,” Sessions said. “Such unlawful and unconstitutional action, if taken, cannot stand. No Congress, Republican or Democrat, can allow such action to occur or to be maintained. The people will not stand for it. They must not stand for it,” he continued.


Obama issued a “policy directive” in June of 2013, instructing Justice Department and Homeland Security officials to cease deportation proceedings against, and to grant temporary work permits to, illegal immigrants under 30 who arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday. That, said Sessions, has “created an unprecedented, unlawful flow of more young people” into the country. For the president to now grant millions of adults “amnesty by executive order,” he added, “will collapse any remaining moral authority of our immigration law, undermine the sovereignty, really, of our nation.” The senator’s advice to the president is “pull back.”

“It is utterly unacceptable for you to meet with special interest groups, La Raza and others, and then promise action that is contrary to law,” Sessions said, adding that he was not suggesting any “parley or any compromise. There is no middle ground on nullifying immigration law by the President.”

FK – This may be the fuse that blows the situation wide open. It may be intentional. I sense no ‘win, win’ situation for any side in this. And impeachment won’t be enough. We need treason trials and executions with the videos of the hangings on the granite gallows posted on YouTube for the world to see. If Google doesn’t like that it shows they’re part of the problem and should be dealt with.