GOA Alert: Senate to Vote Next Week on Concealed Carry Reciprocity and other Gun Amendments

— Sen. Crapo moves to ‘Choke’ Operation Choke Point

Next week, there will be more gun votes on the floor of the United States Senate than there will be for the rest of the year put together.

The Senate will vote on an amendment by Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) on whether to eliminate the Operation Choke Point program — designed by the Obama administration to squeeze the financial life out of the firearms industry.

In addition, the Senate is expected to vote on whether or not to implement national concealed carry reciprocity.  It could vote on whether ATF’s ban on AR-15 ammunition should be permanently prohibited.  It could vote on whether to make it illegal for the Senate to push semi-auto or magazine bans — or universal gun registries.

The vehicle will be the Concurrent Budget Resolution.  And it’s perhaps the only time when senators can — and do — offer amendments on ANYTHING THEY WANT.  And they offer hundreds of amendments.

But — and this is an important “but” — despite the fact that there will be hundreds of amendments, these votes will freeze senators into a “pro-gun” or “anti-gun” position.  And, when reciprocity or Choke Point come up again in two or three months, senators will find it almost impossible to shift from the positions they will take on the Budget Resolution next week.

FK – I hear hemp makes a good choke point…

Contact your elected public servants and give them their walking orders.

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