Sen. Rand Paul Would be “Happy to Dissolve” the UN

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (shown, R-Ky.), a leading contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, would be “happy to dissolve” the United Nations, the senator told gun-rights activists at a recent gathering in New Hampshire. Widely ridiculed in the United States as the “dictators club,” the controversial global body has become especially unpopular with American gun owners outraged about the UN’s accelerating attacks on the God-given rights enshrined U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. The message was apparently popular in New Hampshire.

During a campaign-style gathering packed with gun-rights supporters at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club, Senator Paul reportedly addressed a crowd in what was supposed to be a press-free briefing. While the senator mostly answered questions on gun rights, with the UN increasingly wading into the discussion and pushing a deeply controversial global gun-control scheme known as the UN Arms Trade Treaty, the global outfit inevitably came up.

According to a reporter from, who apparently did not leave the room when journalists were instructed to get out, the Kentucky senator said that a body to “discuss diplomacy” was not necessarily a bad idea. The UN and its current structure, though, and the fact that American taxpayers are forced to provide a “huge chunk” of the UN budget — about a fourth, by most estimates — is what Paul said he found objectionable.

FK – The BATF Nazi trash and Bloomberg et al are far more dangerous and close to home than the U.N. which could be dealt with via a couple of Abrams tanks. Would he be willing to see all the aforementioned arrested, tried for treason and executed as it so richly deserves?

It looks as if he’ll run. My predictions in prez races have a sorry record but Cruz probably has a better chance among ‘conservatives’ because he looks like a Baptist preacher. Paul could do more good in the Senate over the long haul and if he wins the now red house his life expectancy would probably plunge.