Schools propose: Let boys into girls locker rooms

As transgender policies spread across America, national organizations have become involved in the fight to stop the proposal from being imposed on Minnesota school children.

The policy draft being considered is aimed at allowing “transgender” students – children who believe they were born in the body of the wrong biological sex – to participate on the sports team corresponding with their “perceived gender.”

So, if a boy believes he is a girl trapped in a male body, he should be allowed to play on the girls’ sports team under the proposed policy, regardless of the “gender assigned at birth.”

The policy draft also lays out a process for determining whether or not a transgender student qualifies to compete and play with the opposite biological sex in addition to an appeals process if permission is initially denied.

“Fundamental fairness, as well as most local, state and federal rules and regulations, requires schools to provide a transgender student with equal opportunities to participate in athletics,” argues a version of the policy draft reviewed by WND.

FK – This is about fundamental communism working in every way it can to destroy western civilization. Not that most 14-year-old males wouldn’t jump at the chance to use the girls shower, when the cheer leading squad is also there. Both sides in this issue are in deep denial.

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FK – Sorry, if they’re ‘born that way’ it’s a birth defect. If not it’s a mental illness of some sort, maybe both. We should show them ‘compassion’ as much as I hate to use that much abused word but when they force us to lie about them and their condition at the point of a govt. gun the niceness stops.

The male/female thing has been around a long time:

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