Saturday rally to illustrate new paradigm in gun rights advocacy

“Gun Owners Prepare for Arrest at WA State Capitol,” Kit Lange of The Patrick Henry Society reported Monday. “Liberty activists and gun owners organized by Liberty for All and The Patriots Stand are converging at the WA State Capitol in Olympia on Saturday at a rally meant to protest and violate new rules imposed by the legislature banning open carry in public viewing galleries.”

Lange was referring to the Our Capitol Our Rights response to politicians closing off open carry of firearms in the legislature. Armed activists will be going there this weekend to test the new rule by disobeying it.

Among those going is my friend and colleague, citizen journalist, blogger, public speaker, activist and founder of the “Three Percent” movement, Mike Vanderboegh. There has been no shortage of criticism for the actions and intentions of the open carriers, and by that I mean from the “pro-gun” side. I have had doubts of my own about the wisdom of Mike participating in the event, which I expressed to him in a private email, and consented to allowing him to post it for others to read and comment on.

Many of those doubts have since been partially allayed by seeing some concerns addressed, particularly that legal counsel has been identified and potential consequences understood, that funding is being established to help with legal costs, and that communications are being set up to provide real time information to offsite monitors and interested parties as events unfold.

FK – “Besides, to doctrinaire monopoly of violence cultists, “extremist” is a term used by “progressive” apparatchiks as a weapon against good Americans who believe in the right to keep and bear arms. “Moderates” in the pro-gun camp inclined to repeat that charge against determined open carriers need to be reminded that it will be leveled against them soon enough the next time they promote or oppose a bill.”

Please allow me to correct the above: … “extremist” is a term used by “progressive” apparatchiks as a weapon against good Americans who believe in basic human Liberty, property rights, The Bill of Rights, small limited government, keeping our own wages without governments stealing any part of them before they even reach our hands, our most basic right, the right to fight back against and kill if necessary those who would enslave us further or prevent us from cutting through the chains that have been wrapped around us a link at a time, beginning generations before any alive were born.

No amerikans alive today have known Liberty.

The Founders who stood at Lexington Green were practicing ‘civil disobedience’ when they killed government employees and proceeded to kill them all the way back to Boston. This process will eventually have to be repeated if this mess is to be fixed if it can be fixed.

During that first struggle patriots had to contend with fakers, spies, counter spies, cowards who would have settled for a little bit of freedom. Nothing has changed that much about human nature.

Our domestic blood enemies are after the whole pie, not a few slices. See Agenda 21.

Our weapons are simply tools we will have to use in the war. They are not the reason for the war that has been raging for decades by other means. Our enemies within will ultimately settle for nothing less than total victory.

What should we settle for?

Grassley puts hold on judicial nominee involved in Dobyns case

FK – Now if the republicrats will only do what they should have done the last time they controlled the u.S. Congress and de-fund the BATF Nazi trash, shut down the agency, try them for treason and disseminate their retirement funds among their victims.

I’m not holding my breath. War crimes trials we will need…

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Updated: Washington State Patriots Preparing To Be Arrested, Will Not Back Down!