Ryan Bundy, Raw Footage of April 25 2014

The sound on this video is pretty bad, but gets a little better as it moves along. However, you will be able to hear everything Ryan Bundy says in this remarkable impromptu press interview.

As this video is anything but professional, I had to force myself to go ahead and wade through the first minutes or so. It was a very surprising delight as what Ryan Bundy was saying led more deeply into an understanding of the Bundy family’s stance against the BLM’s assertion of authority to manage public lands within the boundaries of a State.

I noticed that in the video he is not speaking from notes. His only reference material is his pocket Constitution. He waxes historic and speaks in poetic imagery as he fields questions from his audience. After some difficult interferences during the first third of this video, such as the incessant wind noises (my camera does that too, so can forgive), one is nicely hooked into the message in Ryan’s speech and is no longer mindful of interferences. And then something surprising and wonderful happens. Ryan Bundy morphs from pistol-packing horse-riding Cowboy into a Constitutional Teacher right before one’s eyes. The depth of his knowledge becomes a blessing to all who view this film.

FK – They want all of us off the land, no private property rights for anyone.