Reporter: “All Hell Is About To Break Loose!”

FK – So they’ll finally get the ‘race war’ they’ve been wanting? Or maybe an excuse for the elites to do what they’ve really always wanted to do with the urban minorities.

If the cops were doing anything close to what’s ‘right’ they’d be targeting the out of town ‘revolutionaries’ not ignoring them as they go about their business which may be part of their job description.

The commie trash had to try Zimmerman when it was pretty obvious he did what he had every right to do. If someone reaches inside a cop’s car they should expect to be shot. Reaching inside anyone’s car in a threatening manner should produce the same result.

FK – I’ve been hoping for years the elites would make the mistake of involving U.N. troops in their efforts to destroy this country. It might wake up enough sheeple to the reality of what’s happening to give them an understanding of what will be required.

Michael Brown case: Ferguson teen’s parents and double standards