Rep. Stockman Pushing Bill to Stop Gun Registration and Confiscation

The first arrest has now been made under the draconian Connecticut law that was passed last year in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.

Earlier this month, Connecticut police arrested James Toigo and confiscated his “assault rifle” after he allegedly shot a squirrel in his yard.  Not only did police seize the rifle (and many magazines) from the 65-year old Toigo, they also confiscated several of his legally registered firearms.

James Toigo is not a murderer.  He has committed no violent crime.  He is a law-abiding citizen who has been victimized by the laws of his state.

FK – If this country had anything resembling men all the trash that had anything to do with passing that law or with enforcing it would have already been rounded up, tried for treason and executed. But we exist in a nation of cowardly whores.