Reese family sentenced to time served, probation and fines

Former Deming, N.M. gun dealers Rick, Terri and Ryin Reese were sentenced Wednesday to time served, three years of supervised release and fines, a Tea Party Patriots of Luna County observer calling from the United States District Court in Las Cruces informed Gun Rights Examiner yesterday. That report was subsequently confirmed by the Las Cruces Sun-News and the Associated Press.

The fines, paid at the court house, were $100 for each conviction, or $400 total, as husband Rick and wife Terri had each been convicted on one count of making false statements and son Ryin had been convicted on two. They will also be subject to an order to refrain from alcohol possession and use, random drug testing/DNA samples, and to home/vehicle searches DNA samples, as well as forbidden to own guns.

In spite of the prosecutor asking for five years, Judge Robert C. Brack ruled the family, with no prior criminal record, did not pose a threat and that probation was appropriate. Because the convictions are for felonies rather than misdemeanors, which the family had unsuccessfully moved to vacate, they are now considering their legal options. As convicted felons, they are prohibited from owning firearms by federal law.

FK – And the BATF Nazi trash gets away with gunrunning and murder. We exist in an nation of cowardly whores for not hunting and eradicating the trash and disseminating its retirement funds among its victims.

Here’s what the trash wants to do here:

Will we tolerate it or do what will be required?

Documents suggest Holder knew more about Fast & Furious, says Issa

FK – If things are so dire why hasn’t the NRA used some of their money and influence to help create the militia force that will be needed to do what will be required? They do some good things, they need to step completely up to the plate.

FK – The NRA was founded by Yankee generals who wanted their conscripts, the empire’s soldiers, to be able to shoot better.