Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic

FK – He’s wearing a cross so what he’s saying must be true right?

The real problem is when the elites are allowed to ‘hire’ workers at wages that represent tiny portions of their profits. If they can replace us all with robots they will.

This country was founded in large part by former indentured servants and European immigrants who came here for land or who left the colonies and ventured onto the frontier for land, fighting the indigenous population along the way and slowly conquering them with the help of the government who claimed to own all the land and allowed the people to control sections of it for short periods of time, for a lifespan or from buying to selling a deed or title, just like Europe, just like the kings.

Money is whatever we say it is, as long as we don’t try to replace the ‘official’ currency, whether coined by a bankster, a king, or a republic.

We still have a lot of growing up to do.