Rand Paul – A New Vision for America

FK – Here we go again. Maybe he really believes some of what he says. His record is better than any of the others. No matter. We must stop looking for a savior.

Will he ever talk about the game that’s being played in the middle east and who or what is really behind it?

The Bill of Rights is what makes us exceptional. The newswhore is right and the two older generations will probably have to die off before anything gets better. Too many of them are still waiting for the world to end because they depend on 3000-year-old tribal propaganda to make their daily decisions.

We need an America without an IRS or any form of an income tax which is the second plank of The Communist Manifesto, not a restrained communism in a less enslaved amerika. He was making me feel better until that one.

The elites control what gets into the now red house and kill those who don’t play their game. It will take more than voting for a false savior to fix this mess if it can be fixed.

Questions for your candidate

FK – A guy with a gun on his hip and a shotgun in his truck told me the other day that Hitlery needs to win. But not for the reason I’d like to see it win: It’ll wake more sheeple up, piss more people off and continue to sell more guns and ammo and build the militias that we will need after enough come to grips with the reality of what will be required.

Bush is as fake as a $3000 bill. It works for the same crew as Hitlery.