Proof We Run Al-Qaeda: Special Report

FK – One guy says it’s for an Israeli empire, another says it’s for the Saudis but who or what really owns/runs those two entities? Prime evidence we need to organize, arm and train so we can hold the treason trials and figure out who we need to hang.

Sounds like another excuse for another ‘holy war’ to me. Time to file away the 3000-year-old tribal propaganda and work for real Human Liberty.

One thought on “Proof We Run Al-Qaeda: Special Report

  1. Marty Commins

    If you really want to restore liberty why not stop wasting all of your time obsessing about what the dummy corporation(i.e. the govt.) set up by the elite criminal class and their bankers is doing today to steal your freedom and actually learn how the fraud and deception work.
    If you dont understand the problem you’ve got no business being in the fight.
    Once you understand the problem you can take steps to restore your individual liberty.
    Failing to do that, you are just being set up for civil war which is what “they” want.
    Any grifter can tell you, if you dont know who the mark is…your the mark.
    Wise up.

    Watch this documentary.
    “Slavery by Consent: Understanding the Human Farm & Breaking Free of the
    Invisible Prison for Your Mind,”

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