Proof: 1 Cops Life Is Worth More Than 13 Soldiers

FK – When you sign that line you become their property. But then that’s what they think of all of us – livestock. See next vid.

Eric Frein is charged with terrorism; he aimed to ‘wake people up’

FK – Now what good did it do to kill some know-nothing jr. nazi? The sheeple are only going to commiserate with them and make no effort to understand what’s happening around them. After 9/11 and all the anti-raghead propaganda did millions of sheeple go out and buy a copy of the Koran? Is this whole thing a psyop or are they just ‘not letting an opportunity go to waste?’

Are there ‘good cops?’ There will be when they stop refusing to enforce the police state, drug war, victimless crimes, gun laws, income taxes and on and on. When they arrest the trash that writes these evil laws and try them for treason and execute them they’ll be ‘good cops.’ I’m not holding my breath. Most of them are as cowardly as the common sheeple. Sheepdogs my ass. What courage does it take to break someone’s door down at 3 a.m. when they’re asleep and murder them or their family or their pets?

Here’s how much good the cops and servicemen are doing:

Afghanistan opium harvest at record high as NATO withdraws

FK – Maybe it’s time to wonder: