‘Progressive’ writer’s biggest objection to 2nd Amnd. is best reason it’s needed

Well, that’s familiar. In a book co-written by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence executive director Josh Horwitz, readers are told that “the Insurrectionist idea” (Horwitz’s term for the notion that the purpose of the Second Amendment is the protection of the people’s means to resist and defeat tyranny) is “a threat to the entire progressive movement.” “Progressive” meaning, of course, that the benevolent government will take care of our every need–like a loving Big Brother.

That kind of thinking is threatened not only by the people having the means to resist government, but by the people even conceiving of there ever being a need and legitimate cause to resist government by force of arms. The mere thought that the people themselves bear the responsibility to ensure both their security and their liberty empowers the Great Unwashed far too much for the tastes of those whose “progressive” dogma demands that the people come to the state–and only the state–for all their needs, including the need for protection from the state.

FK – They’re not ‘progressives,’ they’re communists.