GOA Alert: Pro-gunners Squeak Out a 2-0 Victory in the Senate

— Rubio & Jordan introduce bill to repeal D.C. gun ban

ACTION: Contact your Senators and Representative.  Ask them to cosponsor the GOA-backed Rubio/Jordan bill (S. 874/H.R. 1701).

Victory over Choke Point and United Nations!

We had hoped that a newly invigorated Senate Republican majority would have been a little more enthusiastic.  But, in the end, we squeaked out a couple of victories on the Budget Resolution last week — and blocked the Bloomberg brigade from ever getting to first base.

FK – The republicrats are back to standing around with their fingers in the dike. Pathetic creatures. See next post.

More Second Amendment news, good and bad:

Texas GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill Abolishing Gun Free Zones

Tennessee Bill to Take on Federal Gun Control Passes House Subcommittee, 4-2

Haters Of Self-Defense Face Unrelenting Defeat Everywhere

A tale of two billboard campaigns about guns

FK – April 19, the day they shot back, should be our biggest holiday.

White House ‘home rule’ stance only applies to restrictions and controls

FK – I call them communists. I don’t apologize for it. We MUST stop apologizing to our domestic blood enemies for calling them what they are and for saying what should be done to them.

With “friends” like these, who needs enemas? “California GOP Embraces Gun-Grab Program.”

Bill authorizing $10,000 fines for ‘no guns’ signs passes Texas Senate

 Guns in trunks bill scores walkover victory in Tennessee

FK – And one from the far side:

FK – Do rapists commonly carry paper bags thick enough for that cow? If so we can hope the creature someday sees the need for self defense. That’s the only way it may learn.

Democrats Against Campus Carry: College is For Learnin’ Not for Gun Totin’

FK – “College is for a larnin’ yer Marxist ideahology. All others step aside or bow down and kiss whatever we stick in yer faces, and they ah ain’t no limit ta that.”

We need to begin kicking this trash out of our country before it’s too late. The ‘gun rights’ battle is only one of dozens in this war and those who claim to love Liberty aren’t doing as well on the other fronts…

Idaho House: 2nd Amendment Requires No Concealed Carry License

Arkansas lawmakers easily send 3 pro-gun bills to governor

Religious figures come out for gun control in Chicago, Washington

FK – Doesn’t surprise me, religion was created as another way to help keep the slaves working. On top of that, look under the hood on most of these ‘clergy persons’ and you’ll find a Marxist motor.

WV Governor VETOES Constitutional Carry Bill

Kansas constitutional carry proposal headed to governor’s desk

FK – And once again, this is why we desperately need a militia force in every county:

Federal Judge Rules Municipal Police Can Never Be Considered Soldiers

The tale told by Anthony Mitchell of how he and his family were robbed of these rights is compelling and cautionary.

Mitchell was sitting at home in Henderson, Nevada, on the morning of July 10, 2011, when the phone rang. Officer Christopher Worley of the Henderson Police Department was calling Mitchell to tell him that the police were going to take over his house. In order to gain “tactical advantage” over Mitchell’s next door neighbor, Officer Worley reportedly explained, police were going to set up shop in Mitchell’s house.

Mitchell was not asked if he would mind such a surrender of his home. The officer was informing Mitchell that they would be commandeering his house. In his legal complaint against the Henderson Police Department, Mitchell claims that he didn’t want to get involved with the police department’s operation against his neighbor and accordingly refused to let police occupy his home.

Not surprisingly, Mitchell’s refusal didn’t sit well with law enforcement. Again, according to Mitchell’s complaint, Officer David Cawthorn of the Henderson Police Department, one of the members of the force who were named as defendants in Mitchell’s lawsuit, “outlined the defendants’ plan in his official report: ‘It was determined to move to 367 Evening Side and attempt to contact Mitchell. If Mitchell answered the door he would be asked to leave. If he refused to leave he would be arrested for Obstructing a Police Officer. If Mitchell refused to answer the door, force entry would be made and Mitchell would be arrested.’”

It isn’t hard in the these times of police militarization to predict what happened next.

Just before noon, five (or more) officers of the Henderson Police Department “arrayed themselves in front of plaintiff Anthony Mitchell’s house and prepared to execute their plan,” according to the narrative laid out in Mitchell’s lawsuit.

After showing up at Mitchell’s door, the officers allegedly “banged forcefully” on his door and demanded that Mitchell and his family open up.

Seconds later, Mitchell claims, “officers … smashed open his front door using a metal ram.”

Standing in his living room in shock, Mitchell says that the officers “aimed their weapons” at him and ordered him “to lie down on the floor.” Fearing for his life, Mitchell complied.

FK – The trash involved in that fiasco should be arrested, tried and executed. In reality the militia should have been called so they could have dealt with them that day in the way they so rightly deserved.