Popular Grocery Store Just Did Something To Publicly Humiliate Anti-Gun Activists

According to recent reports, Kroger, the grocery store chain, has decided to take a stand against liberal extremists that are attempting to limit the freedoms of the Second Amendment.

Mother’s Demand Action (MDA), an anti-gun group, has made an effort to pressure big brands like Starbucks, Target, etc. to ask their customers not to carry guns into their stores. Now, they have shifted their focus to the grocery store.

Kroger is taking a stand, and have made statements that they prefer that their customers enjoy the freedom that the constitution grants them. As a result, MDA has started a petition against the store. Shockingly, it has received over 300,000 signatures demanding a ban on guns.

FK – Kroger should go farther and ban all “Liberal”(commie) trash from its stores, after the trash gets the mandatory hammer and sickle tattoo on each cheek.

BREAKING: Obama Announces Roll Out Of Mandatory Gun Tracking Bracelets

FK – Every piece of “Liberal”(commie) trash in this country should be plugged with its own tracking device, made of lead. They are no less evil than they ever have been, the trash just hides it better: