Poly-Ticks: Extreme anti-gun law passes in MA

The weak in-state gun rights group, the Gun Owners’ Action League, accepted the law as an appeasement measure, an important milestone in GOAL’s slide to irrelevance. GOAL’s point was that the original draft language was even worse, so this bill was a win, and MA subjects gain a right to have their denial heard by a judge, and — whoopie-do — won’t need the new may-issue FID Card for pepper spray. Clearly, their chains rest lightly upon their shoulders, and their manacles are but a sign of how much their Master values them.

Boston Police Chief Evans celebrated the law, and intends to use it to deny long gun licenses (“Firearms Owner ID Cards”) and gun registration to all but the police and those connected to organized crime — in Boston, two sets with a big intersection. He also plans to “review” existing FOIDs, with a view to revoking most of them.

FK – Sounds like their ‘gun rights group’ might have too many NRA members.

If we had the militia force we should have and that the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group should have helped build by now we could go in force to that shit hole, erect the granite gallows so desperately needed there and commence the treason trials.