Police using military gear in riots could be forced to repay millions in grants

Paul said he was horrified by the “thoroughly un-American” policing tactics seen in Ferguson and demanded an immediate end to a similar Pentagon program, called 1033, that has provided 12,000 bayonets, 5,200 humvees and 617 mine-resistant armoured vehicles (MRAPs) to civilian forces across the US.

Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, said committee investigators had found there were now more MRAPs in the hands of local police forces than the national guard and that 36% of all surplus equipment received direct from the military was brand new or unused.

“What in the world are we doing buying stuff that is not used,” asked McCaskill. “I want to make sure we are clear about how out of control this is.”

A list of smaller police departments receiving MRAPs under the 1033 programme disclosed by committee staff claimed one Oklahoma county sheriff’s department with just one full-time sworn officer had received two of the 18-tonne vehicles alone.

FK – They need an extra one to haul around the beer and donuts. Find out where they keep it and who has the keys.

Paul is doing more good in the Senate than he probably could in the now red house.

Oh, but they don’t need to kill us when they can make us ‘comply’:

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FK – Another victim of the ‘drug war’ and police state that resulted from it:

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